Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A hair cut n some other stuff.

Hi, hope you are well.
I had a lovely day today with my friend, (lets call her Lady M)
We had a real girly day, a lot of chatting with a bit of hair cutting and a few make up tips thrown in,
 Oh and a scrumptious smoked salmon lunch, (not the best photo but) it was delish, Smoked salmon on a lovely toasted whole grain bread with onion, capers, cracked black pepper and the most Divine sauce YUMO!!
The day was planed for me to get a little hair cut, to make me feel a little fresher.
So here is my NEW hair , a bit shorter, but with a lot more body. Lady M was like Edward scissor hands, there was hands flying every where, snip snip snip and she was done. I was a little worried to start, as my hair is naturally curly and very dry and frizzy. I think Lady M did a wonderful job with what she had to work with ( and not even a hair dresser by trade, Well done Lady M xx)
Lady M also gave me this beautiful necklace I am wearing, Its handmade by Lady M herself out of glass beads, thank you very much.
I am loving the color, adding just a touch of bling to an otherwise bland outfit.
Something I rarely do is paint my nails, but I found this color lurking in the back of the draw and thought "why not!" lol.
I had a wonderful day and came home feeling very refreshed.
OK, back to reality.Make up off and hair tossed up into a simple pony tail, its off to clean out the chicken coop ( I don't look to happy about it in this photo, but I truly am, I love hanging out with the chickens. It was very hot here today & I am not the best photo of myself taker, well actually I hate being infront of the camera, so this is very confronting for me, but something I felt I needed to do on this mission I am on , thank you for hanging in there with me ;~)
Anyways that is so so so enough about me!
The Shabby Nest B&B ( aka chicken coop) is keeping the chickies cosy for now, but I have great plans for it in the near future (might even involve a chandelier lol, I "will" keep dreaming )

Oh and I have grand plans for this old girl. She is in my "Get a Life mission" I have visions of me riding down a country lane ( because I cant see me gettin up any hills!) a basket full of fresh produce from the local market, the wind in my hair n not a care in the world!! You know that scene of Meg Ryan in city of angels, yes the one where she is just floating down the road on her push bike, yea thats me, Oh gosh, I just remembered,, no NO, not the end bit when she gets hit by the truck, just the floaty crusing down the hill bit!
 mmm but I did try that once when I was younger and came out of it very bruised and missing two front teeth , Sooo lets just scrap that whole idea,,,,but she ( Daisy the bike) will scrub up lovely and look good hanging around in the garden dont ya think.

I have been having some fun in our little cottage kitchen and slapped together a batch of rock cakes for morning tea, I will post the recipe when I find it , these ones are made from memory, I think I may have put to many sultanas in but they were still quite yummy.
Our Veg patch is producing well, tonight we are having home made pizza with tomato, capsicum and some fresh herbs straight from our garden, We are really enjoying becoming at least a little self sufficient. Cant wait till we start collecting eggs aswell, yay.
Something we would love to keep up enjoying is our home grown produce. So on this path to a happier healthier us , one of the main things I feel is important is to get back to basics, a simpler way of life!
 This week I am going to try some home made, straight out of the cupboard ingredients, ( I already do this for making cleaning products and whipping up a meal or two,,, sometimes ;-) now I would like to venture into face/ skin care, hair care and so on. I will let you know how I go and what ones I think are good.
Well my lovelies, that's it from me for now.
Thank you so much for popping in and joining me for a chat today.
Until next adventure
Take care
xx xx

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