Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Birthday to our ROF xxxx

Hidy ho everybody,
 Today I have a very special shout out to our Brother in law Brian aka ROF
For me it feels like you been there from day one.
Climbing tree’s, falling out; down hills racing tires you would run.
Swinging from clothes lines I would find myself, or up to my neck buried in sand just for fun.
You’d take me on motorbike rides, through mud and high hills to explore in the sun.
You walked me down the aisle and gave me away
For this I was extremely proud and grateful on my very special day
I know I can count on you, No matter what life sends
With any little problems you are there to help me make amends
You always have time to listen, and time to give and share
By all your words and actions, you show you really care
As a brother-in-law, you’re great, as a friend you are the best
To have you in our family, Makes us all so truly blessed
Thank you for being YOU.......
Happy Birthday Brian aka ROF XXXXXXXX
Love always Teeny bopabeany, Brat, Birdie and the rest of the clan xxxx


  1. Aw shucks :-) ,,
    thank you ,
    I love being part of this family,
    Love all you guys ox

    Love Rof oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. That's great Kris ... you got it right except maybe forgetting the slip sliding around the back seat of the valient...there probly wasnt a rhyme for that ... but it was one of the best times ever ... all she said goes for the rest of us too Bri... hope you had a great bday .. love always Carolyn Nay Anna and Em

  3. Maybe i should explain the last comment for those of you that were not there .... Brian had a bottle of Amourall that he would clean the back seat of his car with and when we were kids he would find amusement in sitting us in the back seat and going round corners so that we would slide from one side to the other ... big laughs ... no seatbelt rules in those days ... no seat belts for that matter... love ya Bri

    1. Oh ya right Chooka, I did forget about that lol was great times, took playing corners in the car to a whole new level xxx So many more wonderful times and I am so glad our Rof ( Rusty Old Fart ) has not changed xxx