Monday, February 6, 2012

A little french provincial cottage toot room make-over ( sort of lol)

Hi all
Yep another one of those post's,, a make over here at Avondale cottage, seems like that's all I have been doing lately.
I have had a ruff week, our little puppy Coco has had to be re homed due to rental agreement misunderstanding, but she has gone to a great new furever family, so all is well.
 The rain has eased and I have plenty of time on my hands (well I have been sewing a little) as I was wondering around the sheds looking for any water damage out there (there was none yay) I came across  a half tin of white paint, sooo with a little persuasion lol, Hubby used it to freshen up the toot and waiting room for me (waiting room = the name I have given the little room off the toot) It didn't quite make it so when money allows we will get some more ,as I really do want to get the bathroom painted too ;-) This is it now..
The bathroom and loo are at different ends of the cottage ( tacked onto the ends of the porch )and you have to walk through our bedroom to get to the toot, this one being the only one in the cottage I wanted to freshen it up a little.
There is also a door out onto the porch from here.
I made some frilly fru fru curtains for both the little windows. Not the straightest of frills but , well that only adds to the Shabby part hehe

And a french inspired market tote to house the loo rolls. ( the picture is from the graphics fairy, printed out onto iron on paper and the bag I made from a drop cloth)

I Shopped the cottage for some bits and bobs to add a bit of somfin sumfin in here, this little bird cage is a necklace,& the cottage walls being all inside out n stuff I have these, what I like to call shelves to fill .
 I am loving a few bird cages scattered around and have some black bird cage wall decals to go on when the painting is finished.

a few tea light candles add a bit of sparkle & shells add a beachy touch, not sure what style I am going for but at the moment they fill a gap lol ( funny isn't it, I live in the country and crave the beach, but when at the beach I miss the country.. maybe that's the Gypsy in me lol)
I made a little patch work piece to cover an old canvas, the candelabra is machine embroidered on
 I love going through & using up my stash of vintage buttons and hand crochet doilies.
around my much needed chest of draws and into the toot, there was a,,, well not so chic door sign ( some one b4 us had done a wonderful job, but it just wasn't fitting into my UM.. style) so.. well as ya do, I chic'd then shabbied it up
the toot room, a little paint and some frilly curtains, make for a nicer,,, sit ;-)

behind the door is the hand basin, I made some hand towels out of face washers & a little calico with some machine embroidery, bird cage and another with the candelabra.
The hand basin is enamel and a bit pitted , but as a rental I shall live with the,, lets call it ,,shabbiness!
A few things collected from around the cottage, inside and out, come together well I think.
Looking back into the bedroom, a patchwork of paint colors gives the cottage a little shabbiness but cant wait till we get it all one color.
a photo of my grandmother and me, just adore this one ( and it just happens to have a bird cage in the photo :-).

Well my lovelies I think I have talked your ears off enough for now xx
hope all is well in your world and I will catch up with you soon.
Ooh we are getting chickens tomorrow , yay, so farm fresh eggs,, will show you the girls and their new home soon xx
Until next adventure
Take care
*Kris* xx

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