Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wake up and smell the roses!

Good morning all, Hope you are all well.I have been, well...., I have been good, but not great.
I am here today because I have realized that needs to change, and by putting it all down here on my little blog, I feel I have to keep up with it..
You see since moving into the cottage I have let myself go...Like a wilted rose, hiding in the back ground, just letting nature and life take its course, Well I want to "Change it", "get to living" ( some awesome songs from Dolly Parton I love listening to) I know I will never be the Bud again , but at this stage of my life I can be that glorious full bloom,
I am a forty something empty Nester , work from home, stay at home, country cottage dweller and I have lost my purpose in life. I need to get it back, I want it back, I deserve it back!
as much as I love all roses withered or not, This is not how I want to be seen , or feel anymore. Just because I work from home ( and rarely go out anywhere of late ) this does not give me the excuse to be lazy, not get dressed, not put a little care and attention into my appearance.
Life is to short, so I am on a new journey, to feel great about who I am, to embrace life, to wake up and smell the roses, to make every day a special day.
Come join me on my quest to grow old gracefully ( or disgracefully lol )
I am going to scrub away some of these wrinkles, revamp my wardrobe and get a life that I want to wake up to....all on a budget, cause money ain't everything ( and because we don't have a lot of it).
Anyways that's where I am at, at this minute in my life, Ooh I am excited, LETS GET TO LIVING!!
*first on my to do list is get a hair cut/style .
Tomorrow I am going to have a girly day with a lovely lady I have met ( through doing the markets) , we r going to hang out at her house, have smoked salmon for lunch and cut my hair ( she is an artist , so I trust her cutting my hair and its just hair it grows back lol ) then we are going to pop some highlights through it, should be a fun day I will report back with the results.
OK, I am off to shop my wardrobe
Thanks so much for popping in xxxxxx
Until next adventure
Take care

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