Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Baked vegetables with a twist = a meal in this old cottage.

A meal in itself!

Hi,   how ya doing?....come on in,,,,

Have you ever had one of those days when the cupboard is bare??, your meal plan is over for the week and you hadn't planed or budgeted for an extra day?.... good so I am not the only one....
Yep,, I had one of those the other day, and being a good 30 mins out of a town, I wasn't going to just pop up the road (fuel = $$ too), I am really trying to be frugal and stuff...

I was pottering around in the garden and thought, well, I have some great fresh herbs & I am sure I have some potato's, carrots n pumpkin lurking in the back of somewhere..
So I set to work ..

I chopped the veg into chunky bite size bits & chucked them into a baking dish, sprayed on a good layer of olive oil, sprinkled with all purpose seasoning, threw over a few chopped fresh herbs & popped it into the oven on about 180 for an hour

Checking on them every so often, as I didn't want them to go too crunchy,(to be honest I can not remember how long they took). A little crunch on the corners and a nice moosh in the middle. ( yep about that long)
In the meantime I cooked up some spiral pasta in some water and a spoonful of vegetable stock powder, when that was nearly cooked I chucked a hand full of frozen peas & corn in the pasta pot and cooked that altogether a while longer...
I then plopped the pasta into some bowls and scattered the baked veg on top
smothered it with garlic yoghurt and "whalla", we have our selves some baked vegetables on twisted pasta..yummo..

(we will be having this again for sure,it went down a treat at this old cottage)

A quick re-cap of what you will need if ya wanna try it

 Chunky bite size bits of  *Pumpkin                              Fresh herbs, I used *Rosemary
                                         *Potato                                                                  *Thyme
                                         *Carrot                                                                  *Oregano
                  Sprinkle with *All purpose seasoning                      Spray with *olive oil
                Cook up some  * spiral pasta (or whatever pasta you have in the pantry)
                                         * vegetable stock (add to water for pasta cooking)
                    Hand full of  * frozen peas and corn ( add to pasta cooking)
                And if you like * Yoghurt with some       *Crushed Garlic (mixed in, to plop on top.)
                  *Then..  Bake veg,,, cook pasta,, and throw together.. easy as, and Oh so yummy.*.

Thanks for popping in, hope you have a great day.
   Ours is going to be a little wet.
 Ahhh tanks getting filled, yards getting watered & nice n cool to get a little gardening done in between showers..
Until next Adventure
                                                                        Take Care


  1. Hi Kris .. love this recipe ... with a vegetarian in the house I will really give it a go .. thanx
    keep it up
    love ya

    1. It is quite easy and I amn sure the vegetarian is ganna love it xxxx
      Take Care oxoxo