Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A little bit of a Kitchen revamp (in a spray can.)


Hi, Hope your having a wonderful day.

Come on in, I have been having a little play around with a can of spray paint....

This little shabby old cottage has been a dream come true (as far as rentals go,)
Its me to a tee, & the owner lets us do pretty much what we wanna around here,
you see this old cottage was tired and dirty and needed some love, & we have all the love in the world to give her. She repays by giving us a roof over our heads and a snugly warm n fuzzy feeling when we r cozied up inside,,,she is so so sweet, but yes shabby, in a not so chic way, so ya see,, I just could not have my dream cottage have a bedraggled, yukky kitchen sink.
Nope I could not,,, I want the chic to go with my shabby
Well the sink its self was ok , but the surrounds ..uhk.. unbearable, rotting wood, mold and well just yuk! I scrubbed and scrubbed, (we do have to be careful with what we use here at the cottage as we have a septic tank and I don't want to put any chemicals down it, This part is ok because I use vinegar and bi-carb when I clean), but this, well this was not budging. Just not giving me the sparkles I wanted.
So with one last scrub and a little spakky filler stuff,, armed with masking tape and news paper I went to work covering the sink and window, making sure all the little nooks and crannies where covered.
And then, out come the can of gloss spray paint, the back splash got a squirt,, Oh it looked so good already , I just couldn't help myself , then the draws and then well yes, then the cupboard doors

Just a little at a time, then hubby came in ( Gave me that LOOK) and took the draws out and the doors off,  took the handles off the draws and painted them all outside, ( like "I" wasn't ganna do that, I was,, just got a little carried away is all...)
 meanwhile I ever so lightly sprayed over the back splash waiting in between coats for it to dry a little, Lookin a little bit sparkly now don't ya think?

While that was drying I gave the old wood burning stove a good scrub, she is a beauty. I have the gas burner on top and the kettle going instead of a plug in jug, cause I love the sound of a kettle whistling in this old cottage..It gives me a happy whistle shout out at CUPPA TIME...

Now for the rest of the those kitchen cupboards. Soon for sure,,,, Yay
 I will say, so far so good, its holding, and to think a $3 can of gloss spray paint can make such a difference, I am loving it, so bright and sparkly...Oh happy days xxx
Thanks for popping in
Until next Adventure
Take Care
( OH,,, ps,, all photo's taken on my iPhone, due to my camera being a little under the weather with its purple haze, mmm, time for a new camera I b thinking )


  1. It looks great -- well done you! Have you thought about mosaicing the splashback? Just think how much fun it would look with coloured tiles behind the sink!

  2. It looks really good. There is nothing like a nice clean surface to work with. You could cheaply tile that small area behind the sink, too, and it is a pretty easy do it yourself project. Looking good, Kris- xo Diana

  3. Thanks so much for your lovely comments, I had been looking for tiles to fit but hadn't thought of mosaic, sounds like fun. The little wall behind is a little softish with rot, so hubby said he will make me a board to fit and I can tile that before he puts it in...A little excited now, thanks again for your ideas ox Kris