Friday, March 2, 2012

a little homemade Pizza YUM

Hello, Do hope you are doing well xx

We had our take away night a little while ago, so I thought I would share..
 Our take away is not really taken anywhere lol as we make it at home and eat it at home,its just easy meals that you would normally get to "Take away"
OK that explained I will continue.

This is how we throw our home made Pizza together.
We use Lebanese bread as we like our Pizza thin and crispy and its cheap and easy.
We Grab a few things from our garden, ( loving this part,,,cooking is much more funner when you can grab the ingredients from your very own kitchen garden )...
At the moment in our garden there is some lovely Capsicum, Tomato, Garlic and Herbs.
(Oh bugga...There is definitely something wrong with my camera. I had all these high hopes of showing you pics of glorious looking foods,but they have all turned out with a purplish tinge.. mmm will have to get onto that issue as I do love taking me some photo's)
Back to it...we then pop all of that wonderful fresh ingredients and some all purpose seasoning into a fry pan with a can of diced tomato for extra oomph and let it bubble away for a while,
Now we slice up some olives ( at this point you could add whatever you like on your pizza but we are just having a Margarita this time)
Once the sauce has reduced a little we then spread it all over the Lebanese bread,, top this with cheese and olives and pop it in a nice hot oven until the cheese melts
Hubby likes his cheese just a little melted and if I am starving ( cause they smell Divine) then I will have mine like this too..
But most of the time I like it a little crispy around the edges...(whalla easy peasy all done.)
They are easy, cheap and fun to make, hope I have given you food for thought on a lazy cooking night in.. "Take away style".
Well that's it from me today I am off to scrub that old wood burning stove & give this shabby old cottage kitchen a spray painted revamp. Just the sink area for now ;-)
 As you can see it needs it...The splash back is rotting and rotten with mould, I have scrubbed it and taped it with news paper and am now ready to have a go at it with a can of antique white spray paint, Cant be any worse than it is now...Fingers crossed...
A close up of Before, Yuk hay,,, (I dont think the owner will mind, he did say we should treat the cottage like it's our own xxxx)
                                                                   Until next adventure
                                                                           Take Care
                                                                              xx xxx

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