Saturday, March 3, 2012

Riding along on my push bike honey!

Hello, hope your weekend is being lovely to ya, I am just popping in to share with you how I played dress ups with this old girl ( lol No, no more photo's of me I am talking about the push bike)
I brushed off the cob webs and scrubbed of the dirt. The rack at the back was green so I found some spray paint in a similar color to the bike, I was going to spray the whole bike but I liked how just here and there some rust was poking through, next the cane baskets got a squirt of white paint and I tied the front one on with ribbon and the back one is screwed on.
Next it was into my little creation station to make a seat cover, the one it had on is a gel one and is comfy but not that pretty,, sooo I made a sweet little saddle cover in roses and dots, it was quite easy, I just put the gel one down and took a pattern of it, a little elastic underneath and we are good to go.

& with all this wet weather around lately I thought a rain coat for the seat wouldn't go astray, this one I made from some oil cloth I had laying around, cute hay, I have some left over so am thinking of making myself a rain hat to match : )

All dressed up and ready for a fun little photo shoot, Oh talking about photo's, my camera is shot/ had it!, yep that purple tinge I was talking about in an earlier post, well its  right through every photo I take and is getting darker. Oh well it has made me look at my iPhone a little closer and guess what? it is so much more fun than my little point and shoot camera anyways, look I can do photo's like this one.

All on my iPhone, Yep ya just... point, click.. play around with frames and filters and then just instagram..or pinterest...or face book.. or even twitter tweet within minutes of taking a photo..
My Oh My I am having fun with this nifty little gadget, and to think, last week I thought it was just a phone. Boy was I wrong.
Well my sweets, that was my play date with an old girl.
I may only ever just have a little ride around the yard, maybe even pack a picnic lunch and meet hubby (or whoever else will come) out the front on the porch, or under a tree in our garden. Maybe one day I will take that ride down a country lane, who knows??? but for now I just love looking at her hanging around this shabby old cottage we call home.
Until next adventure
Take Care


  1. Hi Kris- I just was googling motor home/caravan re-dos and your blog popped up. We are working on an old GMC motor home and hope to have it done for summer. I am glad to have found you and I am your newest follower. Diana

    1. Hi Diana
      Thank you for leaving a comment,
      How exciting, I would love to see your progress on your motor home, I have popped over and love your blog, am now a follower.