Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Whimsical Vintage style bunting tutorial.

Hi,, Welcome, come on in..
I have been having so much fun playing with my iPhone and hanging out over in intsagram, I have met some lovely people, one of whom asked how I made these bunting, so, A big Hello  @pinkgingham, hope you can understand my directions ,,but if not, please give me a shout out and I will help as best I can..

I will show you how I made mine, but there are so many different ways you could make one, different colored fabrics or even patterned fabrics , colorful laces, ribbons and buttons, the possibilities are endless. Hope you have fun, Cause I did ;-)

What I used:
I made my bunting from sheer fabrics in white and cream, I added some crochet doilies, bias binding and some lace and ribbons, along with buttons and bows..

For the triangle flag pattern, I just measured and cut from paper
{mine are 20cm across and 25cm down the middle}.
I cut 9 triangles ( 4 from cream and 5 from white)
{I also made a mini one for this tutorial, 5 flags all up and its quite cute} So you could have however many flags you would like.

I then sewed on a little crochet doily for the middle flag, (I put this one on the odd white one)

Just pin and sew

Next I cut doilies in half and over locked ( if you don't have an over locker you could zig zag) the half doilies to the top of your fabric flag

I then measured out how long I wanted my bunting and cut the bias tape, mine is 275cm long ,( Oh and I left 45 cm at each end to hang with.)
 I used the wide bias,folded over to make an envelope and ironed. ( you could use ribbon or,, well,, anything you could sew your flags to)
 find the middle of your length of bias and put your odd flag there and alternate flags each side of that....
Put your flags in between the bias fold and pin ( I put mine up close, corner to corner , but you could measure a distance between them if you like)

pin and sew.
I use zig zag stitch, making sure as you sew that your flags are securely in between your bias fold.

Ends up looking something like this

now for the fun part , dressing them up. I gathered some old and new lace trim and ribbons in both white and cream.

I picked them randomly and cut at different lengths, I then pulled them all together around the bias tape and tied a knot, then a bow with one of the ribbons.

If you like you can keep dressing it up, here I have used some vintage buttons.
and here I have popped over some inherited clip on earrings, you could use whatever you have in your stash.( pearls or beads hanging would look lovely as well :-)

I found a sweet Rosy button for the middle of my doily in the same bronze colors as my clip on earrings.

and your done...a sweet whimsical vintage style bunting.
simplicity at its best
My little mini one has a new home in our dining room.

Well my sweets, That's it from me over at this shabby old cottage,, I do hope you have been able to follow my little tutorial ( its only the second one I have done) I enjoyed making these bunting and am so glad I could help you make one. Please let me know how you got on and I would love to see photo's of them. Have Fun.. ( oh for those of you with an iPhone, I used a free app called leme leme for the filter on my photo's)..
Until next Creation
Take care
Kris xx
This one is going to turn our camping trips into "Glamping" lol !!!


  1. Stacey (Harrimar)Wednesday, March 21, 2012

    I think that it is probably the most gorgeous bunting that I've seen (and I've looked at a lot). Now I've just got to be brave and have a go. Thanks for showing us. x

    1. Thank you stacey, they are fun to make, I am sure yours will be beautiful. Don't forget to show me photo's x Kris x

  2. Hi Kris ,that is simply beautiful,Thank you for sharing.
    Love to all at Avondale cottage from all at Melrose cottage ox
    love ya Mammie :)

    1. Hi mammie of Melrose cottage, glad you popped in. Talk soon x Kris x

  3. Oh kris thank you so much clever lady for organizing this wonderful tutorial. You have made it very easy to understand and the pics are just lovely . I'm making mine this weekend and (hopefully) will have some pictures to share with you ,
    Daniele x. (pink gingham)

    1. HI Daniele
      So glad I could help, can't wait to see yours.
      take care
      Kris x