Friday, April 20, 2012

Cleaning with Bi-carb in this old cottage.

Hi , How are you? hope all is well in your world x
I got a little letter from the real estate today, yep as we are only renting this awesome shabby old cottage, the real estate do have to come and do an inspection.
wow I started panicking as we haven't rented for such a long long time, I was a little daunted by the fact that someone is going to come in and inspect my cleaning/living habits, mmmmm well I am not a cottage cleaning goddess but I do love a clean tidy sparkly old cottage.... I have worked with chemical cleaners and to tell the truth am not a big fan of those smelly sudsy nose hair burning products..
So today just a quick one , but I thought I would share with you what I use to keep this shabby old cottage bright, sparkly and smelling fresh :) you have probably heard or used it all before but it doesn't hurt to have a reminder of what this stuff can do.
I will start in the laundry...
I love soft "white" sheets, table cloths and towels
To keep them nice-n- crisp white I soak in good old wonder soap and then wash in a little sunlight soap flakes and a sprinkle of bicarb, if you like a fragrance with your washing you can add a drop or 2 of water based eucalyptus oil or lavender.  I also make my own washing gloopy stuff I have an old post with a recipe HERE if you would like to try it.

OK now inside, I am hooked on Bicarb, yep good old baking soda.. Sprinkled on carpet 15 Min's before vacuuming will get rid of any unwanted odors, with little Pip living inside this tip has made my life so much sweeter smelling...
I also love white vinegar as a disinfectant cleaner..I use half water half white vinegar in a spray bottle as a all purpose cleaner for bench tops and the like,,,,I also spritz it around as an odor neutralizer...
A paste of bicarb and a little water will help scrub away grime on stove tops, ovens and in bathrooms and also a great grubby wall cleaner..pretty much where ever you need a cleaner one of these two things or even both mixed together and a little elbow grease will do the job, without burning your nose hairs and giving you a head ache.
in the kitchen I use sunlight soap as a dish washer and rinse with a little white vinegar splashed in the water..

The fridge gets a little bowl full of bicarb put in it and it stays fresh smelling, vanilla is a nice touch added to the cleaning water when wiping the inside of the fridge.
Oh and grease fires can be put out by throwing bicarb on it!
Well that's it from me in this shabby old cottage, I got some sparkling and de-cob webbing, not to mention the weeding and window washing I gotta get done
Until next adventure
take care


  1. Kris we are definitely on the same wavelength today! Have just finished cleaning/scrubbing my Bath with bicarb and have to say the results are spectacular . I generally don't get that pumped on cleaning chores but the results were great. Yes Im sick of the Lung burning chemicals too and the expensive products that make you feel sick ! Will have a go using the bicarb for washing sheets too.
    Have a lovely day my friend!
    Daniele x

    1. Hi Daniele, Yea the results of cleaning with bicarb are great and for little $$ too always a + in my book... Hope you had a great weekend lovely xx

  2. Hi Kris

    thanks for the tipon bi-carb putting out grease fires! I did not know about that but am glad I do now.....I've been using bi-carb and vinegar for cleaning for some time now too and love's quick easy and sooo cost effective....I have two lots of stays in the pantry for baking and the other stays under the kitchen sink for cleaning.....and the beauty too is if kids or pets get into bi-carb or vinegar it won't hurt them!! happy cleaning...xo

    1. Hi Michelle, oh yes, love the fact its non toxic to the kids and pets. My son swears by bicarb as a mouth ulcer treatment, he just dabs a little on the ulcer and it is gone in next to no time, just another great use for it. xo