Thursday, April 5, 2012

I needed some gardening gloves! are you?? hope all is well in your neck of the woods..
I have been playing around in my little "creation station" aka sewing room, I got a little excited about something (as I often do)
I came across an idea somewhere out there in the big wide web a long while ago and with searching for it again, it seems its chewing up my Internet mega giggy thingos and being a little short on the $$ of late I feel I have better uses for these giggly bites "like blogging in my little space here" It was for home made garden gloves,, I just cant remember where it was or how I found it, so I will not take credit for the idea...
I just want to share my take on it,

OK with that said and my garden in need of weeding and the like, I felt to get to work, I needed inspiration and a few little "make me happy" bits and bobs.... what better way to get inspired to garden than with some home made "with love" gardening gloves and something to store those much needed gardening tools in .(I just slapped the apron thing together so have no directions as it was trial and error on that one.)
But today I will share how I made my gardening gloves, these little beauties are soft and comfy, great for raking and wheeling the barrow around, ( I am not to fond of blisters on my hands) and the best part is you can chuck them in the washing machine when they get grubby..
OK lets get started...I have used some off cuts of fleecy fabric I had laying around and some ribbing...

All I did was put my hand on a double layer of the fleecy and traced around it a little bigger than my hand
I folded the fabric over and a cut a pair of hand shaped things, I put two of the four bits together right sides together and sewed around the outline.
Then I cut down the finger bits trying not to cut into the stitches and turned right side out, I then cut two bits of the ribbing to make cuffs.

Sew these into tubes, I made mine quite long as I wanted it up my arm a bit.

once the tube is sewn , turn and fold half way. pull this over your glove raw edges together, pin and sew..

Turn cuff up ,  and your done,,,pull your gloves on,, now wasn't that fun lol..

OK, so they are not the prettiest of gloves, but depending on what fabric you use is to how pretty your gloves will be. I just used what I had and I think they have turned out pretty, bright and they will make my hands happy.....
Well my lovelies, thanks for stopping by....I must say, this post has taken a while to down load as I have used up all my fast Internet stuff, talk about real girl/life  blogging lol, I am in no way complaining as I was able to get most of my house work done in between loading photo's and writing. So I am heading on out into the garden now.. I still haven't got my camera fixed, so all photo's taken on my iPhone, but ,, I gotta work with what I got, and, well, I am still being a little bit silly and having so much fun and that's the main thing..
Hope your having fun with what your got too!
Until Next adventure
Take care


  1. great gloves!!! you have wonderful creations.

  2. Those are so cute!!! I think you are much more ambitious than I am! you know to drop a cotton ball in the finger tips so your fingernails don't work their way through? xo Diana

  3. Choose gloves with elastic around the wrist section to prevent materials from coming into direct contact with your hands.

  4. Wow, you are really good in making those! I like the colors, they’re so alive. It’s a really good feeling knowing that the beautiful gloves you use while you take care of your plants are made by none other than yourself!