Thursday, April 19, 2012

It"s a bouse life at Avondale Cottage

Oh yes it is,,, Hi Sista's and Roft, hope all is well in your world xxxx
Sorry I have been afk for a while, I have been a little lazy on the blog side, well all round really, we have had some company staying and boy does time fly, hours roll into days and days roll into weeks, anyways no excuse, I am back xxx
I have been thinking about my little blog, why I started it and what direction I would like it to go in???? anyways,, Then I thought, Oh I might even have to change the name , cause , well I did start it while we where living and travelling in the bouse ( bus + house) .. but well to be truthful changing things on the computer is all a bit beyond me, I am lucky to be able to up load photo's and blog sooo changing the whole thing without loosing you guys,, mmm nah I couldn't have pulled it off...sooo instead I thought I would find out if there was actually a word "Bouse" out there and what was the definition????
First I came across the free dictionary on line and the definition of "Bouse" is Nautical to raise or haul with a tackle, mmmm Life can be like this ,, up and down, raise and haul,,,,, maybe it could work, leave the name thebouselife????
Then I came across the Urban dictionary,, haha,, well yes then,, with definitions like,, Bouse ~To be #1, the best. To be sick wit it. To be incredible
and,,,, Bouse -An adjective to define someone or something as pure awesomeness
MMMM, OK so I can work with this, because our shabby little old cottage is pure awesomeness, and life is what you make it, so pure awesomeness is something I could get used to,,,,
Hhahah well on with it, the blog will stay the same,,, the same name, the same rambling random writings xxxx

Here we go, I have been playing around with the chicken coop, well a while ago now, I made some bunting, as the crows have been flying in trying to eat the chook feed, I thought it might scare them away, Oh and a lantern for good measure.

Humphrey loves it, slowly the chicken coop is starting come together.
The roses are blooming beautiful, and we had one moment in a day when we got a drizzle of rain, other than that its been dry and the tanks are feeling it.
could not resist and bought the rose inside, the fragrance alone is Divine, but just love looking at her too.

I had a change up in the shabby old dining room tossing the square table outside and bringing the round outside table in.. Its feeling much more cozier :)

Well my awesome lovelies, that's it from me today, I will be back with my random ramblings
Until Next adventure
Take care
Kris xxx


  1. Glad you didn't change your blog name kris -it's original and cute! Your roses are just divine -you certainly have a green thumb !!

    1. Hi Daniele, Yea "the bouse life" has become a phrase used often in this shabby old cottage of late, glad I found a fun meaning to the word bouse xxx mmm not a green thumb, I am just lucky the roses have decided to bloom where they are planted, ( another phrase I am using a bit, I need to remember to "Bloom where I am planted". Thanks for popping in xxx catch ya soon

  2. Hi Kris

    I have to say I love your dining room and while I didn't see it with the square table I think the round table definitely looks great in that spot and the whole area looks so cosey....can't want to check out more pics of your house.....I love older houses way more than double brick and tile.....what I wouldn't give for floor boards under my your blog..and am now following :)


    1. Hi Michelle, Thanks for popping in xx yep this old cottage is a beauty and she has so much character, I am forever taking photo's of her :). Keep your dream alive, you will get your floor boards I am sure xxxxx
      Oh by the way, great work on the white washing furniture,,,, warning, its addictive, nothing much gets in my sights without me dreaming about painting it white ( not even my sisters furniture is safe, the rest of the family always know when I have visited the other as I leave a trail of white painted somethin somethins hehehe ;)

    2. hehehe I love the way you paint everyone elses stuff too...fantastic...after one project I'm hooked...I was just saying to my husband this morning when we buy the girls their new drawers I'll white wash them myself...I love it...I think I may be keeping a paint brush in my back pocket from now on :)