Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Living the Dream!

Hi, Welcome, come on in..

You might want to grab a cuppa = "little Ramble Alert"

OK here goes......Wow I sat down to this post with a million things running through my head, and now here, nothing....
Well.. lol.. never nothing, I am still brimming over with things to tell you....But where to start????????
I have photos to share, things we have been doing, recipes I have tried and tested and loved and want to share, I have dreams and ideas and adventures and well I think you get the idea....I am random and excitable and have had so many ups and down these past few weeks, sometimes ( well actually most of the time) thinking its not blog worthy! But you know what?..... I am going to just do it, I will just pop in here and post about what I have been up to, because maybe..just maybe there is someone out there who reads it, enjoys or uses whatever it may be I have rambled on about..
I started this blog to get some thoughts /adventures/ ideas out of my head, to keep family and friends up to date on where we having been traveling on our motor home "Wanago", and now ,,,, living out a part of our dream, snuggled up, in a quaint and shabby old cottage in the country.....I say part.. as we are only renting here and the next part of our dream life would be to own a little property....

And yes that means moving again Pip, and yes,, that is why you have a suit case for a bed.."Oh, don't look at me like that Pipin..It wont happen overnight, but you knew it would eventually happen"..

But for now we will Bloom where we are planted, and that's right here in this shabby old cottage. With the veranda out the front, clothes line out the back and an old cane chair!.
and bloom where we are planted we will!!!. I sit here and look around me and am in awe of the beauty and how very lucky we are to be planted here at the moment, Oh gosh..I have my cottage and veg patch and chickens and even a rooster, who by the way has the most adorable cock-a-doodle-do. Yes the down part is there are snakes and yes I have even been bitten by one of the slimy little critters.... But ....I will not let that stop me from pulling on my red spotty gumboots and getting back out in the yard to enjoy what we have at this point in our lives...After all we are living our dream,,( well I think its more my dream than hubbies, but he is working with it xxxx) He even got me this lovely desk for $5 at our local country auction, Oh and the jug and bowl for $12,, How lucky am I ;-)
mmm I am sure the desk will end up being painted white, I just cant help it... not many bits of furniture get past me without getting a hit with my magic white wand...But for now it sits here in all its $5 glory, giving me a place to prop up my sad old laptop and pour out my heart and soul to whoever will listen...
So if you have read this far .....thank you ever so much for stopping by today, and I hope you do come back, the next post could be of interest to you,,or maybe not,, I have no rhyme or reason to this little blog anymore,, haha,,, like I ever did.... anyway.... I have a little home made garden glove thingo going through my head at the minute, so if it works out... watch out,, as I am sure I will be excited enough to post about it...

                                                             Until next adventure
                                                                    Take care


  1. Kris- I love reading your blog. It is like sitting and listening to someone talk. You know what I get from this whole blog? A picture of contentment...and there is not much better in life than that! Love your little $5. desk and your doggy bed!;>) Hope you have a great week- xo Diana

    1. Thanks NanaDiana,And I so love hanging out over at your place seeing what you and SweetCheeks and the boys are up to..xxxx

  2. Hi kris I posted a comment earlier today but it seems to have vanished . Just wanted to say that having recently found your blog I look forward to your posts : they are inspiring , funny and warm -like a bit of comfort food for the soul!!
    Daniele xx

    1. Thank you so much Daniele xx your words have touched my heart xxx

  3. Well good afternoon noon to you Kris, in that gorgeous little cottage, with your doily bunting, and wonderful (soon to be painted white) desk...from me here on the beautiful beaches!

    Oh my god- I'm hooked to your little life experience out there already! Do you really have chickens, a rooster AND a vege patch where you are renting!!???

    Lucky gal- gland you found me- so I can follow along here on your country adventure!!

    Melissa - Miss Sew & So

    1. Hi melissa, I so look forward to "your beautiful posts and Photo's".
      Yep, I am lucky enough to have all of the above, I am planning to pull on my red spotty gumboots and take all for a tour around this shabby old cottage gardens soon, our handsome rooster is the best model. Its just adorable out here, we are on part of a 4000 acre property and also enjoy sights of the cattle as well,. Thanks so much for stopping by xx Kris