Monday, April 23, 2012

Rocking this old cottage

Well hello,,, Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Ours was just delightful, we had a rocking good time here at Avondale cottage...
Friday was interesting with a helicopter flying so low over this shabby old cottage, Oh so low it made the windows rattle and the cottage shake, not once or twice but like 10 times . I didn't even get any photo's of it as I was to busy holding things so they wouldn't break,,,mmm not to sure what that was about but as soon as I know I will tell ya.

Anyways there was home grown , homemade pumpkin soup bubbling away on the stove and making the cottage smell Divine

A quick snap of the soup before it was gobbled up by hungry cottage dwellers.

we have had lots of lovely family and friends popping in and staying over at the cottage, I am so glad they all find Avondale as inviting and cosy as I do.
Mums rose is loving it out here, woke to yet another adorable bud.

My high school Besty and her family have been coming and staying for weekends and her sweet teenagers have been staying the holidays here at the cottage with hubby n I.
 My BF and her hubby came and stayed over the weekend to collect her eldest who had stayed for the week.
Saturday morning just us girls went into our little local country town to pick up supplies and just happened to stumble ( lol OK so one of my fave haunts) across an op shop.. I got a cool little basket, yet another crochet knee rug ( can never have enough, even though I am learning to make them myself ;-) a little cane and wood try and some sweet little bottles.

Then it was back to Avondale for a wee rest under the big ol tree in the yard.
A little light refreshment and a spot of cloud watching and snoozing...

Then the male kin decided it was to quite in the cottage and came to join us,, Our quite time was then non existent, trashed by 4 noisy boys and Pipin ruff n tumbling,,,but I must admit, it was a great afternoon.
Sunday morning had us all up bright and sparkly for a trip to the local markets, I have a obsession with white jugs and , well this one "was" only $2, the tea pot was $3, can never have enough tea pots ;)... hubby bought two of those thick wooden curtain rods, he is going to make a ladder to put in for the chickens,, so I got to keep the ends to them...not sure what I am going to do with them but I can see them painted white and maybe screwed onto something lol..
Got home from the markets to find mums rose in full bloom, so we all sat out on the porch, cuppa in hand just chatting and marveling at how sweet the simple life can be..
Sunday afternoon and we seen this... smoke = fire and the one thing I am terrified of is bush fires,,, luckily this one was under control, but it still amazed me at how fast these grass fires can move.

The local rural fire brigade where on hand, I am just glad the breeze was blowing away from the cottage and as of yet haven't even smelt the smoke..
Well my lovelies, That's it from this shabby old cottage today.... Hope you all had a great weekend and have a glorious week xxx

                                                             Until next adventure
                                                                    Take care


  1. Morning Chris...Your pumpkin looks amazing!! Don't you just love growing your own veg...we do...we had amazing crops of tomatoes this many I was giving them away as we just couldn't eat them all.....I'll be glad when we move and I can start a new vege garden....what sort of rose is your mums?? I love roses and my red french one is flowering so well at the moment and I just noticed my champagne one has a big bud on it too.....glad you had a good weekend and how weird is that helicopter thing....??xo

  2. Kris-What a wonderful looking family weekend at Avondale. I absolutely love it. I haven't had pumpkin soup in a long while and won't make it now until Fall here when the pumpkins can be harvested. Your roses are beautiful!

    Weird about the helicopter? Maybe they were spies trying to figure out why you were having so much fun! xo Diana