Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cupcakes, milkshakes, tee pee tents and sunsets ,Oh My!!

Hi all, lots of photo's today, but not to much of the flibbety jibbering I tend to go on with,, We had a big end to the week, weekend and start to this week and I am a little jibber jabbered out lol (well big for us because we don't really do that much otherwise hehe)....

OK on with the show...Here is the stunning sunrise we where greeted with Saturday morning.. this is from our little back guest room / creations station...this day bed is a place for me to sit/lay and contemplate what I am going to have a go at next..Or for our little Princesses to sit and have a colour in or crafting time with nanny..( I just popped in to get things ready for a big crafting day and couldn't pass up sharing this sunrise ;)..

Grabbing a coffee heading out to the front veranda I spied this beauty..a red hot air balloon trying to keep above the fog...
we had our beautiful granddaughter little miss J staying with us so this was a real treat for her ( I was pretty excited too ;).. we had a big day of crafting and colouring and stuff and some more stuff.. it was ever so exciting.. but by mid afternoon Nanny needed a NANNY NAP.... Miss J had a ride around on the bike and then it was afternoon tea time.."a little picnic in the afternoon sun, and some reading was what we done!" as miss J put it....
I just laid soaking up the sinking sun and caught up on a fave mag..
Then it was back to work , putting the chickens to bed,, feeding the kittens and Pip and then cooking tea for us....
As tea was cooking Miss J was snapping away with my iPhone and yelling at how magnificent the sunset was...and it was...

Sunday morning found us all up Bright and sparkly...(Pipin is just not a very good morning person and he found it a little chilly..he is such a snuggle bug :)

Up ya get rest for the wicked,,, out to mow the lawn...( Hubby likes taking random pics of me working,, says it reminds him I do stuff mmmmm)... I do love chuggin-a-long on the mower....Loven my new red gumboots, I think they make me go faster!!!!!.
anyways,, with that done it was back to the Nanny duty of baking... Little miss J did do most of it herself....

while they where cooking, it was out into the garden, armed with old curtain rods and sheets, quilts and pillows to make a tee pee tent...

Morning tea at last.. cupcakes and milkshakes,,yummo!

Time to pack up... another beautifully beautiful day xxx

Up again bright and sparkly on Monday and it was an adventure drive to visit friends in Brisbane..yay a day trip.. we had a great day and the sunshine was perfect...
Home again, Home again Jiggity jog...back safe and sound at Avondale cottage after a lovely day..
I do so love Coming Home!!!!

Today was spent heading the other way on a road the Gold Coast for a quick round trip to take little miss J home .. And Now we are back at Avondale... smelling the roses
and watching sunsets..... I do hope you all had a wonderful weekend ,,mine was just perfectly perfect... Now I am going for a nanny nap x
                                                   I shall leave you with tonights sunset.
                                                                Until next adventure
                                                                         Take  care


  1. Gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous life !!
    Daniele x

    1. We had the perfect weekend ;) Thanks for stopping by. x Kris x

  2. Kris- What a beautiful life you lead. I love the pictures of you and your granddaughter...isn't she sweet? I grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania and this so reminds me of a day in my childhood. I can smell the new mown grass and hear the chickens in the offing. A perfect day- A perfect post...xo Diana ps...LOVE the red boots!

    1. I love memories like that, I hope I have given our granddaughters some too x thanks Diana x

  3. Hi Kris, I found you via Michelle at Home, Love and Life. I am so glad I popped over. Your photos are gorgeous and your cottage life is lovely. I am looking forward to visiting often. xx

    1. Thanks so much for coming over Nellie, I have just been over to your blog and wow it's beautiful, lovely to meet you x

  4. Hi Kris, it looks like we already have mutual friends like Nellie above. You have a lovely patch by the look of it so I'll be back to see more too!

  5. Hi Sarah, I am so glad you stopped by, I am just finding out what a wonderful little community instagram has and am so glad I came across your photo's and blog . Thank you x Kris x

  6. Hi little sis! the pitures of you and Miss J are wonderful, it's just like were spending the day with you, thank you for a lovely day. xxxJae

  7. Hi Kris

    looks like you had a wonderful weekend with your grand-daughter and how clever is she with the cooking...reminds me of when my mum would let me loose in the kitchen to bake cakes and pikelets when I was about 11yrs old and the pics and Miss J was right that sunset was gorgeous it looks like the sky's on fire....beautiful...xo