Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Got a little bit crafty with signs at this old cottage, Show ya how :)

Hello Lovelies,,, Hope all is well in your world xI have been playing with my sewing machine in between layers of paint drying ; )
I made up a couple of things to go into my little madeit shop... Phone cozies, totes and some little zip bags....

Its getting rather chilly in this shabby old cottage,,, Pip insists on having his little bed warmed ;)

I have dragged out the old draft stoppers and made little covers to pretty them up ( will be showing you how I did that in a later post, why have boring looking door snakes when you can chic them up...stay tuned for that one )

The Girls are laying well and Humphrey is a little darling trying to sit on the eggs when the girls get off.
The eggs are making the most delightful breakfast,, I am so enjoying collecting and eating farm fresh eggs..
OK here we go... I have been painting a few signs for around the cottage, and as I do I popped them on instagram and had such a great response I thought I would come over here and show you how I have made them..Its really quite easy..
What you will need..
*Soft timber ( as we are going to press in to dent it,,, Oh and in the length and width you would like your finished sign) (( I used off cuts of red ceder as it is nice and soft))
*Printed out words, and pictures.
* a ball point pen
* small this paint brush
* paint of desired colours.
* sand paper

I didn't really take any good photos of before or even the process, so I will explain the best I can with the pics I did take..

First of all I went into word on my computer.. I played around with fonts and sizes and then printed out my words.... I gave my signs a base coat of paint...
(when dry) . I then laid the word onto the timber , taped it down and traced over the letters quite heavily to make an indent in the timber..
This one is of my little Candy Rose Creations Label,,, as you can see I didn't worry about getting it perfect because I am going to layer and rub back ;)
..Just paint in the lines.. ( I like the way the indents make the words pop out a little too)
then just layer the paint until you are happy with your sign , give a little (or a lot)  light hand sanding,,, and you have yourself a pretty cool hand painted sign :) I also gave some of mine a little spray of clear lacquer to finish it off.
(I am having a little obsession with France I am thinking)

Here is one all finished, I have layered the french powder blue over the white and went over the writing again and then sanded,,, a little spray over with clear, Not to shabby I would say ;)

Well my Sweets,, that's it from me today, I am heading off into my creation station to get my crafty on...... wishing you all happy sunsets...
Until next adventure
Take care


  1. My word you have been busy! All that pretty sewing and painting. Wow. You put me to shame!
    Have a lovely day. I hope Pip keeps nice and warm :)

  2. Kris- Your signs are wonderful. You are really talented and did a great job on EVERYTHING. Perfect- xo Diana

  3. You so clever! You are almost as clever as you are Beautiful! Keep on creating you have a gift. love you little sis xxJae