Saturday, May 5, 2012

It may just be a weekend for Glamping!

Good morning my Lovelies, Hope your week has been kind to you xx
Mine has been a mix matched week of nothings really, but I thought I would pop in and share anyway ;-)

My morning starts of as usual, coffee out on the porch, then Humphrey has a little cockadoodle doo to let me know its time for him and the girls to come out and play...

The shabby old chicken coop in is dire need of a make over, well a total redo would be my ultimate out come.... I have it on the list lol
I have had my eye on the expressi coffee machine at Aldi for quite a while, but was ummin and arrin as to,,, "do we really need one"??? But then it came out in red and well,,, um,, Yea,, not only did I need one I just had to have it!
It is so easy to use, easy to clean and the coffee is lovely. The milk frother is separate and again a must have ( makes the best hot milk to mix a bit of chocolate in too) Ooh and we have found out that Aldi is in the process of doing the pods in decaf coffee and hot chocolate as well,,,, So you see, its a must have....
while we where in town ( as we don't get into the bigger shopping centre much these days) and  I had seen the adds for these beautiful rose on spots gumboots, I just had to pop into rivers and get me a pair, as usual they didn't have my size ( or even many left) in the ones I wanted,, so I settled for a red pair,, I do love them though, they are soft and comfy and will do the job! And I do love red!!!
While playing my fave game of late over in instagram ( howdy to all my IG buddies, Love catching up with you all over there xxx) anyways for those that have no idea of what I am talking about I am doing a Photo a day challenge.. we get a word and take a photo of what that word represents to us...well yesterdays was "Fun", I thought hard about this one,, I find lots of things fun hehe,,,but as I said in instagram, some of my funnest times has been when we are "Glamping" as hip chic gypsies do..

Then I got all reminiscent about our old caravan Bojangles.... here she is all glamped up.. we sold her to move back to Queensland and into our little cottage...
Now its onto the next great adventure ;-)....
We have one of our beautiful granddaughters staying with us this weekend, Yay for hot chocolate and pink poodles... she has informed me that we will be putting on our frilly fru fru aprons and baking cup cakes, having picnics Oh and doing a spot of treasure shopping ( that's what they call op shopping lol) And I might even throw in a bit of Glamping in a tent for fun......
Sooo... I better get ready, no rest for nanny this weekend...Yay....
And I truly do need to sort the creation station out, its looking a little tired and I just have no Candy Rose Creation MoJo at the minute.. maybe a shift around in here will get the creative juices flowing..
                                                               Until next adventure
                                                                       Take care


  1. The bunting on the chicken coup make me smile, just love it! Our chicken coup stayed up for ten years looking a bit worse than yours, so no need to rush to work on it! Love your images, happy weekend! X

    1. Hi Tiff, thanks for stopping by .. The chickens don't seem to mind so I might just put the coop Reno down the list a little lol xx

  2. ohhhh I am loving these photos! Just what makes me smile, especially the inside of the caravan..hugs..your newest follower Michelle x

    1. Hi Michelle thanks so much for stopping by . Oh how I miss our old caravan but I have my eye on another one to do up , a little excited x Ps I love your blog x

  3. I love bojangles. Im sure the new owner must have Been thrilled to have such a gorgeous mobile homez! You're so clever kris ! X