Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A little cottage LOVE!

Hello, welcome to Avondale cottage..come on in... ( random ramble alert!!)
Have ya ever had one of those weeks when everything you see seems to take on a whole new light??? I am having one now!, My heart is bursting...I am so in love with this shabby old cottage, I am not sure if its because its getting colder and the cottage is wrapping me up in its coziness, Or if its just the most dreamy little cottage you ever did see,or even if its just I have finally got in my head that I better get to living!!,I don't know, but whatever it is,, its a great warm fuzzy feeling..... Just had to share :)
I will show ya what I mean =
We have had some rain, The tanks are nearly full, the grass is green

and our roses are blooming beautiful!!!

Pip just wanted to spend his days lazing around, but Puddin had other ideas and wanted to play... Get up lazy dog.

I would like to give a shout out to my beautiful sisters,,,,, COME VISIT!!!!
And for every one else :) your more than welcome to ( I have always wanted a quaint little bed and breakfast ;)
See...even on a gloomy rainy day, ya can find beauty out here, I want to share it!
We can bake!! I have been practicing :)
Almond and coconut tea cake in the dining room!!! (Jimmy tries, but he is just not that into siting with me for a tea party)

and with my new iPhone frame application,  doing the dishes even looks fun :)
Look here see, in here, behind the blue door and oh so shabby sash windows..
There is a little semi detached guest room, just waiting for a visit too...Yes,, come "escape to nowhere".....

Inside the cottage walls you can relax, snuggle up with a hot chocolate and we can chat...( Or not,, I do tend to be a flibberty jibbert :)
Morning tea on the porch??..the birds chirping,, cows mooing (and Pip barking at the crows that are trying to get the chook feed) Ahhh bliss.....
OK, so I guess you get the picture now,,, I want to share our shabby old cottage, even if its only in photo's,,, I hope you are feeling the cottage love xxxxx
No more chasing shadows for me ( although I have found some real cool ones, amazing what makes me happy..Jimmy thought I had lost my mind when I was jumping around clapping my hands because I was so excited about a shadow on the kitchen wall! mmm maybe I have lost it...Nah I am only just finding it!!!!!!!)
Well my sweets..I will give ya ears a rest for now, I am off to find some more amazing sights to click away at,,, and I really do need to get out into the creation station and get Candy Rose Creations back on track,,,Thanks ever so much for popping in... will be seeing ya xxxxx
Until next adventure
Take care


  1. Hi Kris....I love your guest room,it looks so inviting...would love to come visit you :) and as I said yesterday the shadow on the wall was amazing....guys just don't get it.....can't wait to share some pics of the new house with you....I think you'll like it...we start moving tomorrow...take care and chat soon xo

    1. Oh Michelle that is wonderful news Congrats x You can come visit anytime the guest room is ready :-),,, hope all goes well with the move can't wait to see the pics xx until next adventure take care x Kris

  2. Hi Kris! Gorgeous when can I move in!?!! He he Jo x

    1. Hi Jo, come on over anytime x ps Love your blog :-)

  3. Looks stunning! Found u via instagram! X

    1. Thanks so much Tiff, I adore all of your instagram photos x Kris x