Monday, June 18, 2012

A beautiful day!

Howdy to you, just a quick pick me up from yesterday ....
 Hubby could see I was feeling a little low ,, so he suggested a little country drive... Its time to get to living :)
We have this little honey stand on the way out to the lake, its the best honey, so fresh and tasty... had to stop and get more......
we arrived out at the lake and cruised around a little,,,, it was such a beautiful day...
we found a little spot and unpacked our picnic morning tea.....Pink salmon,,tomato, onion and olives with a little bread..yummmmm
we sat and just took it all in, we chatted about the week ahead and just relaxed,,,,

we packed up and came home,, hubby played with the ride on and got it fixed and I chased butterflies ;)
and that was that.... I woke this morning to a brand new day and a renewed feeling...
Well my sweets, I have an adorable little cottage to get ship shape, I will be dancing around here today doing a bit of this and that.....

                                                           Until next adventure
                                                                   Take care


  1. Hi Kristine, have only just read your last post honey. Hope you are feeling better today, don't you just hate those days when you question everything and nothing seems to go right . But I have to tell you that when I feel blue I find myself going back thru images that make me happy and inspire me and your pics are always there giving happiness colour and joy to my day . Keep going and crafting and sharing your wonderful home and lifestyle . If we lived closer I would be having you over for tea and scones right about now x x

  2. Hi Kris,
    Glad you're feeling better today :)
    As always, love your photos!
    Cas x

  3. I am so glad that you are feeling better Kris. What a wonderful husband you have and what a fabulous way to spend your time together. It looks so peaceful. xx

  4. Hi Kris...sorry to hear you weren't feeling the best but don't you love it when the hubby suggests going out for a drive...Chris does that when he sees I'm getting fed up it's lovely isn't shows they're paying attention......I'm glad you enjoyed your time together and are feeling better and I love the pic of the chickens heading towards the house....ours are outside now.....take care mon ami xo

  5. Hi Kris,
    I'm here for the first time. Thanks for those wonderful pictures. I'll be back for sure.
    All the best, Steffi vom Hohen Haus