Friday, June 1, 2012

First day of winter and the making of some draft stoppers / door snakes

 Hello there, happy weekend to you all. We had a perfectly chilly morning for our first day of winter here at the cottage,,,Oats and Honey, a belly warming start to the day.

As the winter winds are starting to whip around this shabby old cottage and finding its way under the doors, I thought a few pretty draft stoppers were needed, so I covered some old ones I had...

Here is how I made my shabby draft stoppers, if''n you would like to make some too....
First I grabbed a tatty old door snake, some fabric and some ribbon.
 Lay the snake onto the fabric and roll over the snake to get the size you need to cut for your width, make the length a bit longer than the snake as we are going to hem and tie off the ends..... ( I am not very good at following patterns, so most of my creations are just wing it...cut n sew.. after all there are no mistakes , only creations ;)... OK so once you have your length and width....
 sew a hem on each end of your fabric...
 fold over the length into a tube and sew down the length of your fabric...
 I have an over locker and like to finish off the edges, (zig zag on the sewing machine is good too)...
 Then just turn your tube in the right way
 Feed in and pull your door snake through your tube,,,,,
 tie off the ends with your ribbon,,,
 And you are done... how easy was that :) now when your draft stopper case gets gritty you can just take it off and pop it into the washing machine, all clean and sparkly n fresh.
 here is another one I made, I am always on the look out at thrift shops for bits of lace and ribbons... this draft stopper needed a bit of sumfin sumfin ...

I over locked the ends and sewed the lace to the right side of the fabric
 sewed and over locked the length and pulled right side out...
                                                            Pulled the snake through              

and weaved in a bit of ribbon..

 tied a bow and that's that....
 sorry about the dark photo, winter is creeping in ;)
 OK my lovelies, that's it from me tonight, Hope your weekend in magical.
Time for me to turn off this old comp, blow out the candle and hit the hay.....
                                                   Pipin and Dad are watchin the footy ;)........
                                                               Until next adventure
                                                                        take care


  1. You are so creative kris...I honestly would never have thought of doing that and I love that lace on the second is on here tonight and I'm thinking it might be time to turn off the computer myself and read my fave and it...take care and I'll see you on instagram....xo

    1. Thanks so much Michelle x I love finding things to create x love seeing your pics in instagram and so glad you have joined the Challange x see ya there x

  2. What a great idea. I remember back in the 70's they were making them to look like COWS and FROGS, etc. Yours are SOOOO much better. I hope you have a good weekend- xo Diana

    1. Thank you so much Diana x oh yes I remember them I think we had a mouse lol , hope your weekend is full of giggles xxx

  3. Hiya Kris :)
    Love that fabric on your door stops! Hey, I was just looking around your blog and found the pics of your old house and the kitchen that you and your husband designed and built just blew me away! I mean, I knew you were clever and all (the way you decorated your old caravan was amazing and what you're doing with Avondale Cottage is gorgeous), but I am just so impressed with that kitchen. Anyway, just giving you a heads up that I am feeling very inspired right now and when it comes time for us to redo our kitchen, I'm gonna be picking your brains, if that's okay :))
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    Cas xx

  4. Hi Cas, your to sweet x I would love you to pick my brains :) as Avondale cottage is only a rental I am getting rather frustrated with not being able to do what I would like here , oh well one day we will sell our beloved motor home and buy again , but for now we are loving the cottage "settled life" and living the country dream , but still able to pack up and gypsy it for a while ;) , Anyways I am always up for a chat :) I am on twitter ( not that I know how to use it @Krisjim2 ) also over in instagram , on pinterest and I am following you on Facebook lol ( haha I sounds like a stalker ) Loven your blog too ;) alrighty then maybe enough said , catch ya round x