Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hanging out at Avondale Cottage.

Hello there, hope all is well in your world!!

I have just been hanging out here at the cottage, Not a lot been going on.....
I had my beautiful sister come stay for the long weekend,, we shopped and ate and crocheted and chatted,,, wasn't long enough ,,I am missing her and have been sulking a little ,, But life goes on...

Talking about life going on, I have been feeling a little " what am I here for",, you know that feeling ( or maybe not!)...I am feeling this way because My babies have all grown up ( way to fast),, flown the coop and left me with an empty nest feeling.... I am lucky though as they are only an hour and a half drive away, so I can go see them any time and they come visit us at the cottage...
But its the in between times that I am feeling Lost... ( But only I can Change that... )
I have learned how to crochet granny squares and have been shown this wonderful way of putting them together called "join as you go" ( its over at attic 24 blog ,,if your interested)

So I have just been plodding around this shabby old cottage,, enjoying the simple things in life... still loving this little kitchen revamp and I do adore the cottage and area ;)

I have been making bread in our new bread machine.....I just love this thing,, and the Laucke bread mix is lovely
with winter chilling its time to change the sheets over to the snugly winter flanno's and get the towels soft and snugly :)
I have been hanging out with my peeps, ( chickens,,rooster,,kittens and Pip)
 Oh and playing around & having a chat in Instagram,,, boy am I hooked on it, I so love the little community on there, I love looking at the photos from the beautiful people I have met on instagram,, and of course sharing my every day life here at avondale cottage,, makes me feel more connected to the world,,so thank you all ever so much my IG buddies oxoxo
OK,, if I write it down here I have to do it,, so I am going to get off my butt and do something about this crazy lost feeling I have gotten my self tangled in.... I need to get back into my little creations.( you know I even have a lovely lady that has a quirky little local shop,, she said I could sell my creations there,,,and I haven't even done a thing about it...oh I am so lazy of late)....
At the moment I don't need or even want to get a job (as I am my husbands carer),, but I do need to boost my self worth... I look around me and I am living the dream,, so I need to create more dreams and work towards them. Thanks for listening x Its time for me to.. DREAM<< BELIEVE>> CREATE...... :)
Until next adventure
Take care


  1. I get those-who am I and what am I doing in this life feelings sometimes, too. It is easier now that my kids are having kids and I get the pleasure of grandkids around and about. But, there were times that I felt kind of lost. Hubby is gone about80% of the time so I understand your feelings.

    I have gotten busy with gardening this year and keep myself busy with lots of things-most of the time- It's a good life- xo Diana

    1. Hi Diana , thank you for popping by :) , after writing this post hubby and I went for a drive to a near by lake and just sat and took it all in, maybe the fresh air, blue sky and lovely water cleared my head, we came home and pottered around the garden,, I am so lucky with what I have and where we live , I truly am living the good life xxx

  2. Hi Chris,
    I know we don't really know each other yet, but I just wanted to say - go for it! It's really important to have a creative outlet and value yourself. Good luck.

    1. Hi Kylie, Thanks for your kind words :).. I am on a creative high at the moment,,I am just breathing it all in and thinking how lucky I am... Thanks taking the time to chat x Kris

  3. Love seeing your lovely pictures in Instagram!! Your one person I will take the time to look back on all the photos I have missed! It really looks like your living the dream & a wonderful lovely simple yet stylish life!! I love it. Get into some creating & I'm sure that feeling will dissapear!

  4. Hey sweety.....Dream Big, Believe always and Create magnificantly as I know you can..xoxo.....And yes our litttle Instagram community is great isn't it? xo

  5. Hello Kris, I am a new visitor to your blog. I love, love, love your cottage and your blog posts. You have many wise words and write wonderful posts, you also take amazing photos that really capture the country life. I first saw your photos on Instagram. Ann