Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A little kitchen Reno in this shabby old cottage.

Howdy there.. come on in.
There has been a little kitchen re shaping around here...
sneak peek through a once painted window ;)

OK sooo
We have been settling in to Avondale cottage, making this little place our own.. While it is only a rental the owner has told us to do whatever is needed to make it home, he loves having us here and said its ours as long as we would like :).. well.. we have painted a few rooms and I have given it my own little cottage style..but one room has always been a bit of a thorn in my side, I have dreamed of changing it but just didn't have the gumption to do anything about it,, and then ... after a comment from a beautiful fellow blogger Cas over at "Peaches and Maple" ( big ""waves"", and thanks again Cas) and one of her post about taking things one step at a time, I decided to get off my butt and do something about this shabby old cottage kitchen...

Here is the before.. while it was country cottage it was old and tired,, yes we could have just painted it..but I also needed more cupboard and bench space....

The other side of the kitchen only had the wall cabinet when we moved in, we picked up some second hand cupboards and painted them white ,, but again it just wasn't how I wanted it....
The window was painted and a filthy old air con in it,,, I wasn't going to ever turn it on ,,so why keep it there.... This window faces into the closed in breeze way that is also the laundry..but its bright and airy in there..
Ok soo with a few little flat pack el-cheapo cupboards this is how the kitchen looks now...
so much brighter, we went for the see thru cabinets, ( I think they are meant for bathrooms,, but I love the modern yet country kitchen feel and I think these little cabinets are giving me that..)
The other side..I scraped and scrubbed the window after hubby pulled out the yukky air con.. we painted the old wall cupboard and popped in a few more of the new ones,, I  just love having this window clear of paint,, bright and sparkly :)

Even on a dull winters day my little kitchen is looking fresh and bright.
and I couldn't pass up getting my little desk painted white.. after all the paint was already out ;)
okay doky my lovelies ,that's it from me today, I have had a big few days and am getting a little sleepy :),,  I just wanted to come on by and let ya know what we have been up to....thanks so much for popping in...
I will be in my new little kitchen cooking up some cakes,,, will post a recipe soon...
Until next adventure
take care


  1. Hi Kris...your kitchen looks amazing and the cupboards are great....I'm hoping the longer we're here our owners will be the same and just say yep do what you like.... my white painting was put on hold today because of the weather but hopefully tomorrow I can get it done... :)

  2. Hey Kris :) The kitchen revamp looks great and your little desk is adorable! Big waves backatcha ;)
    Cas x

  3. Oh well. That's amazing. You've done such a great job with a little space. I also loved Cas' post on one step at a time. Well done

  4. Hi teen*** the window looks great with the paint of, the kitchen looks so much biger,they dont look like flat pack cupboards, your have the nack to make a sow's ear look beautiful**** love u & your creation's**Jae xxx

  5. I love how you have transformed the kitchen Kris, it looks so lovely and I can only imagine how much you must love it now. xx