Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Open up your heart and let the sunshine in :)

Hello to you :).Hope all is well in your world x.
First of all I would love to thank you all for your beautiful comments and words of encouragement,,"Thank you from the bottom of my heart" it means so much to me knowing you are all out there.... I have taken your words and flown with them xxx xxx

 I remember a song my mother used to sing to me, Sing it with me if ya know it,,,,,"So let the sunshine in face it with a grin smilers never lose and frowners never win"...hehe.. OK now I am feeling happy..
I had my happy dress on and danced around and rocked this little cottage back into shape.

I have been trying lately to take time out in the day to have a cuppa and sit outside,, sun my tootsies ( if the suns out ;),, and just breath it all in

I know I have been going on a bit of late about instagram, but having my little iPhone camera and the community in there to share my photos with has given me such pleasure....I have my walks in the mornings and always love to share the simple things in life I find quite amazing.....
The only camera I have at the moment is my iPhone, so most photos I share with you on here have been through instagram,,,, and if not they are always taken on my phone.... I know they may not be the best clarity,,, but you get the picture ;)....

Well my week this far has been great, I have had some sales and a few orders to complete...
Hubby got a new toy,,, We have that lake I showed you last post,,its only about half hour away from us and they stock it with fish,, so hubby is excited to get out there.
Isn't it the truth,, you have love in your heart a smile on your face and a spring in your step and everything seems to fall into place,,, ( and it helps to have a great coffee machine hehe,,)
I have dusted and rearranged my imperfect , but beautiful little collection of old English china,,, I try to use something off this hutch every day,,,no use just looking at it is there...
I have decided to learn something new every day,, Yesterday I learnt how to crochet a edge around my shabby, puckered granny blanket, I must say ,,as this was coming together I was jiggin a little jig n happy dancing... and its been keeping my knees warm as I go.. What more could I ask for ;)

Thanks again for popping in and chatting,,,
(The cows just look at me funny when I talk to them :))
Until next adventure
Take Care


  1. Hey Kris,
    I'm so glad to hear about your lovely week so far and that you're feeling better about things. I really get what you mean about instagram too, it is the most fantastic little app ever and I too love our little IG community. Have fun fishing at the lake too, we went camping there a little while ago and had a blast chugging up the lake in a little tinny :)
    Cas x

    1. Hi'a Cas,
      Glad to see your reno's are back under way :)... ooh yep,, cant wait for the chugging up the lake on our mini monster tinny,We are going camping out there at soon, its such a lovely spot...
      Kris x

  2. Oh Kris- I am so glad that you have found some of your glad spirit back again. That first picture of you reminds me of Meryl Streep in Bridges of Madison County....lovely! xo Diana

    1. Thank you so much,, I love Meryl Streep and hat movie :) you have made my day Diana xxxx
      Kris x

  3. Hi Kris....glad you are feeling much better and I completely understand the love of a good coffee machine:) I'd die without mine I think.......have fun on the lake and I hope you catch lots.....we have great fishing here in Busselton so maybe you should talk hubby into coming this way then you and I can sun our toes at the beach :) xo

    1. Hi Michelle, Thanks so much Hun xx...For sure,, Next big road trip we might just pop in and say Hi, ;)
      Kris xx