Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tales from Little poppet Pippin and a crochet addict

Hello Lovelies, come in,, Come in.. We have had a bit of a puppy tooth ache in this shabby old cottage,, Pips woke with a swollen face and was trying to scratch at it, so it was a trip to the vet,, Yep broken tooth and abscess,,, he was booked straight in for surgery to remove it the next morning,,
The vet told us it was a major op ,, like getting a few wisdom teeth out for us humans :(...
anyways it was up bright and sparkly the next day to get him to the surgery,,, by 4pm it was time to go and pick our little furbaby up..
he was still heavily sedated , so it was straight home and to bed for him..
he woke several hours later wanting some food , I had boiled him some chicken , the vet had told us he had to have chunks of soft meat but not mince,, more so he could just swallow and it wouldn't get caught up in his tooth hole....
He was very sooky and after a little feed he just wanted to be near me,, he slept on and off for the next couple of hours

only getting up to move around and try and get comfy and give me that little look of "poor Lil me ;)"

before we went and picked him up I sat out on the lawn and had tea with the girls, they are so loving being out in the yard..

The next day seen Pip up and about, he is on antibiotics and pain relief...
The view from this shabby old cottage front porch is a dream come true, yep they do!!! I have dreamt of having a view like this for many years,,,, hold tight to your dreams,, believe and go for it...
so with Pips snuggled up beside me of a night, I have been getting my granny on and crocheting my little heart out ;) ( ooh and you don't have to be a granny to crochet,,its snugly, vintagy loveliness is for anyone to play with)
This pattern is from the lovely blogger over at attic24, its called the summer garden granny.. and I am joining as you go, also a tutorial over at attic24....
I tell you I am so hooked on this little granny pattern... its quick and simple , but comes together so sweetly in any colours,,,, This one I am calling my Autumn lake house granny blanket.... its the hottest of coco brown, with a light icy blue and a bit of wheat colour,, oh and a touch of white...
we are going camping down by the lake at the beginning of next month with some friends .. we only have a tent at the moment, ( but I am dreaming of doing up a little pop top camper trailer, stay tuned as that is my next dream,,and what have we learnt about dreams hehe ;).
Well for this little trip,, I have camp chairs to recover and bunting to make ( we all know you cant go glamping without a bit of bunting ) oh and some rusty old oil lamps I am going to give a lick of paint to... I am a little excited

what else has been going on at Avondale...oh yep.. I have been polishing my lovely set of cutlery and soaking my linens in lavender..I am using them all and love the way a little glam gives an ordinary meal a touch of specialness..
well my sweets,,, that's ya bloomin lot ( something our Gardening Australia guru Peter Cundall used to say on the ABC gardening program, oh how I miss him..)
Until next adventure
Take Care


  1. Hi Kris...hope poor Pip is feeling better now..there's nothing worse than a tooth ache....I'm loving the blues and cocoa of your autumn crochet blanket....I'm going to have to get some one to teach mum crochets but is away up north at the moment....hope the camping trip goes well....I haven't been camping since I was a kid.....these days camping is a hotel for me hehehe....take care xo