Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Coming Home!

 Hi,, Welcome,, come on in ...... well.. I have just got my computer back up and running, boy I have missed it and you :)..
OK so whats been happening around this shabby old cottage.. There has been house guests and a little of the flue, we knocked it out with good old Lemon and honey tea and a big dose of Garlic, horseradish and vitamin C tablets and lots of rest...
 Then it was off camping at the lake ( Lake Moogerah in the scenic rim ,, Queensland)
 Our friends have a pop up camper,, ( would love one of these,,,one day ) so after setting up it was time to explore...
 we didn't have to go far before we came across these little guys,, so friendly and so many of them :)
 Then it was camp fire on and settle in for the night..tea was cooked and off to bed...
 for the next few days,,, blue skies and sunshine all the way....
 we had a great time and it went so quick,,, pack up time and back home to the cottage
 ( a long 20 minute drive hehe) see you soon beautiful lake...
 Home in time for a perfect sunset and tea on the porch... Love having camp time but so glad to get home sweet home...
Hubby took off early on Saturday and came home with this absolutely gorgeous old farm house table,, he is going to give it a little TLC and we will use it in the middle of the cottage kitchen,,( I have always wanted a eat in kitchen)
 Another day over and it was wind down time after our busy visitors week and camping,,, I flopped down from a great high to feeling a little flat chocolate and marshmallows and candle light helped me get my sparkle back :)
 fresh roses from my cottage garden reminded me how very lucky I am to have such a wonderful life...
 after all our beautiful sunshiny weather for camping we have settled back into the cottage with a lovely soft rain most of the day,,, so good for the garden and the tanks.....All is well in my world xx
Thanks so much for popping in,,, I have been baking a lot in this lovely wet weather,,, perfect for making rose petal jam drop cookies I will share the recipe soon....
                                                                    Until next adventure
                                                                            Take care


  1. Look forward to that recipe Kristine is that with your gorgeous petal jam?? Love your pics , always leave me feeling inspired and glad you gave the flu a serious kick in the ... X x

    1. Hi Daniele , yes the rose petal jam & a touch of rose water.. Smells & tastes so good x

  2. Hi Kris...good to see you back in blogland.....I have to say your crocheted rug came out beautifully and I love the colours you used together in it.....take care and see you back again soon xo

    1. Thank you so much Michelle , the rug got a lot of use so makes it all worth it, you are going to love crochet when you start xx

  3. Sounds wonderful Kris, I am so glad that you are feeling better and I love that you have been using the French Market Basket. xx

    1. Thank you Nellie, the bag gets used most days , I love all my purchases from your online shop & I will be back for more :) x

  4. Hi Kris! It looks like you had a wonderful time camping. I am always a tad "down" when I get home from a travel. Even though I am glad to be home there is a bit of wistfulness that remains. xo Diana

  5. Hi Diana , it didnt take long before I was dancing around this old cottage again :)) . Oh and I just loved your tutorial on what to do with coasters , will be doing that next time we are out , sweet cheeks is the best showerer xx have a lovely week x