Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hello Sunshine!

Hope all is well and happy in your world x
Taking time here to smell the roses, appreciating the simple things in life, spring is such a wonderful time of year....
Our lovely cat had kittens 8 weeks ago , so yesterday we took her to be desexed and the wonderful vet couple fell in love with Pepper,, so have taken two of her kittens, that left us with 3,, a little fella up the road has adopted the only male , so we are down to two.. They are Manx and have the cutest little tufts of fur on their ears and a short n stumpy tail and the best loving nature.. One was born with a full tail and Hubby is still trying to talk me into keeping that one ( we shall see ;))
Pepper is the best hunter and out here at the cottage we have lots of little mice that like to party on, The father of the kittens Pudding ( aka Fat cat) is not a hunter... so maybe another one wont hurt ;))
A few little creations have been clicking away on the sewing machine, this is Candy Rose Creations Frilly fru fru apron.. perfect for those sweet spring afternoon tea parties. Or to just dance around in, like I do :)..
Today we are of on a little adventure down to the gold coast to have lunch with my wonderful son on his work break, we take a little picnic and sit in the park and chat, its lovely quality time we get to have with him, so I am a little excited about that..
More excitement ,, we are also popping into visit some lovely friend that are moving on from the coast to pursue a dream of living self sufficient living off the land. They have been living on a boat for the past 12 years , living on a bus/ motor home for the last 2 years and have now bought a property to park the bus on and live in it.... Wishing them all the best in their new adventure and well maybe one day we might just pull up in our motor home wanago and say howdy ;)).. Oh what a life xx
Our next little project is an out door setting we bought off eBay yesterday, we are going to pick it up tonight... a shabby old timber out door setting.... so excited for this little project,, I can just see it painted all white with its umbrella up and us sitting under it on a warm spring day.... stay tuned,, I am sure I shall share the progress of the out door setting ....

I Do hope your day is bright and sparkly..
Until next adventure
Take care
xx Kris xx


  1. I'm so glad to see you're back! Your blog is so lovely and inspiring to read, and I always love to see the photos of all the beauty you choose to surround yourself with in your sweet cottage. Oh, and that new puppy is such a doll. How unbearably cute is she? And good luck finding wonderful homes for the remaining kitties! All the best, R xxx (You don't know me, BTW -- I found your blog months ago through a Sisters on the Fly link...)

    1. Hello lovely R, thank you so much for your sweet words, so glad you popped in to say hi
      xx Kris