Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hi from Avondale Cottage X

 Hello all, Hope you are all well and happy, I have been taking a little time out ( again....)
 There has been lots going on here at Avondale Cottage,,We have found a new home for our little foster goats, so glad we had the opportunity to bottle feed them and that our children and grandchildren had a chance to get up close and personal with them, I tried not to get to attached, but they are so cute it was hard to see them go.. on the other hand my gardens ( and the travelers on our road, as they kept getting out) are a little safer with them gone..

We went for a little road trip to Melbourne (Victoria) to visit family and pick up our new little girl Tiara Ella xx
Tiara is a 12week old Staffy,,
 We had a lovely time in Melbourne, and on the way home we drove through a snow storm near Goulburn NSW ( and this is spring!!!)
 Ooh Yes, it was truly surreal ,, sorry about the poor photo's but we had no chance to stop , This was taken at 4am we had a police escort in front of the truck and they closed the high way behind us.
 We arrived at Newcastle NSW early morning to a beautiful day , visiting more family.
Pip was having a little holiday with family and he met Tiara for the first time.
 He was a little shocked at first, being an only furchild n all but they are best of friends now xx
 Home again , home again jiggity jog, (south east Queensland),,, and now I have a furry little alarm clock that needs a wee walk at 5am every morning.... (I am feeling fine when getting up at this time every morning, but am starting to feel very tired around 10ish),,,
I have been getting my cuppa, my to do list book and sitting out on the verandah trying to get the day ahead in order.
 I wander around the yard as my fur babies have a wee walk and play, I play on my iPhone and take photo's to put on instagram... and hope I have the energy to get through the day without a nanny nap...

we have a little rest time in the sunshine..
and then I come inside for a little inspirational reading, and coffee to keep me awake.
 Then its back out for a wee walk and a play,,( don't ya just love the new doggy door ;))
and another cup of tea ;)

then back in here for a little tidying up ,,


 that's pretty much my days of late......and where this little blog comes in ;),, I need to get back into the flow of things , I want to blog , but have had nothing worth blogging,, So I shall find things to keep me busy, keep me awake and then blog about them ... Thanks so much for listening x

 Welcome Princess Tiara Ella, Life at Avondale cottage will be a great adventure xxx

All is well in my world, wishing you all the same...

Until next adventure
Take care
xx Kris xx


  1. Hi Kris,
    Glad to see you back blogging :-)
    Hi to the beautiful Tiara ,,so glad Pip & her get on so well xx

    Talk to you soon,
    Love Mammie xox

  2. Hi good to have you back as I have missed your posts...don't you hate it when your blogging mojo goes awal....mine was a bit like that for a while but getting back in the swing of things now.....have a good night and I look forward to your next post...xoxo

    1. Hi "all" mojo went AWAL :(... BUT I do hope to be back on track and swingng along merrily asap ;)xx Congrats on your new etsy shop and loving the baby bump up dates..Talk soon Kris xx