Thursday, November 1, 2012

Family and Friends, a day to remember.

Hello,, hope all is well in your world,,
Yesterday Hubby and I packed up a picnic and took a drive to the Gold Coast to see our beautiful children, followed by an afternoon tea stop at our wonderful friends and then up to Brisbane to pick up an out door setting we won on eBay :)

The day started off well with the picnic packed and the animals settled for the day.. we decided to have a pup free day and it was the first time we left Pippin and Tiara home alone,,,,
not to mention two little kittens and a mother cat that has just been de-sexed and had to be separated from said kittens. (she was happy enough to be left out side)..
 Look at this face,,, surely no wrong could be done by this little one.... I had my reservations though,,, and it wasn't until we got in the car and up the road that I realized I had completely lost my mind... I had shut the two little kittens in the bathroom and left the door open to the dining room,,, Oh yes clever me,, that's where all my lovely old English china tea cups live,, sitting prettily out on the hutch for all to see... I then proceeded to have visions of kittens in tea cups having a smashing good time.. eeekkkk

pushing that aside, my mind wandered to the other fur babies .. did I shut the bedroom door?, did I put all electrical cords out of reach? Oh dear this was not a good idea!!!!!! again the visions came... walking into the lounge room and finding it looking like a snow field..Pip loves taking the stuffing out of things and Tiara is teething!!!! and well I do have a few cushions scattered around,,and,,,,
 OK enough,, out out out visions!!!.... all will be fine,, the kittens wont climb that high,, they are babies and babies sleep most of the day anyway, and Pip and Tiara had a long run and play around the yard,, Pip is an old boy now and likes his sleep and Tiara is still a baby and yes, yes babies sleep most of the time right!!

Breath in,, breath out,, all will be fine......
its then that I looked up... shivers run up my spine... Oh yes just my luck, a picnic in the rain perfect!!!.... STOP, just stop all this negativity,, did I get out of bed on the wrong side or what?,, my mind was in over drive,,,,, I gave myself  a good talking to,, the kittens and dogs are safe , they have water and food and a cool place to rest, let it go!!!!.... and as for this big black cloud looming over us,, well look,, there are blue bits and I am sure that just under one of those blue bits is our picnic area, we will pick the boy child grease monkey up from work on his lunch break and our angel baby girls will meet us at the picnic spot ( under that blue sky) and all will be well!!!!
and you know what,, :)) it was.... the clouds parted and the sky was the bluest blue and our beautiful children had the most perfect smiles....
The picnic of roast chicken and salad rolls with a side of fruit went down a treat, we chatted together,,  some awesome news :) and some not so awesome news :( was shared.. And I sat back and watched my sweet little family, "Just be". What ever challenges life throws our way we will tackle them "together" ... Seeing our children so close is a blessing I cherish xx

Well it was time for the grease monkey and the girls to get back to work , lots of cuddles and kisses all round and Hubby and I went off to visit friends...

Our friends are moving onto their property next week and although that is only four hours away we may not get over to see them for a while,so we just had to get over while they are a bit closer and catch up with them before they left for their 100 acre woods they will call home... we had a lovely couple of hours catching up and are planing a little trip to the new place for a visit...
oh and I just couldn't go past what the chickens have been calling home,,, how cute is this van.. I want to live in it :))
it was time to say our goodbyes and take a trip to the city to pick up the out door setting....

wow after driving on our little country roads , this place can be a little daunting.... but with the help of our nav man we found the unit and made our exchange of $52.50 for the outdoor setting with umbrella :)

Yes you heard it right ,,, a bargain price,, winning it at  $52.50. Table, chairs and umbrella included... here it is up this morning, we are going to give it a light sanding and a splash of white paint....
Oh and in case you were wondering ,,,,, we got home after dark to a very tidy and , Yes,, intact cottage and the fur babies jumping with glee to see us :)
we had a light tea of left overs , took the pups out for a walk in the cool night air and I even got the picnic dishes done ;) ..All is well in my world.....

                                          sharing my favourite quote for this week.....
"If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it."
~Mary Engelbreit


Until next adventure
Take care
xx Kris xx


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  2. Sounds like you had a lovely drive indeed. Your outdoor setting is a great find, such a bargain! Think they will look great painted in white.