Sunday, November 4, 2012

How I created a facebook and blog header/ banner in PikMonkey

Hi all,
I am a little excited about this so thought I would share, I have a face book page for my little business Candy Rose Creations, I wanted to make it look more professional and show case some of the things I make... It was frustrating trying to get a photo to fit, then I learned that the perfect fit had to be 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall,,, I played around with a few different photo editing and collage programs, but nothing I came up with tickled my Fancy or was even the perfect fit...... Then I stumbled upon a cheeky little monkey, and I did a little happy dance XO.......

 On with it then...Today I am going to share with you , how I made my Face book business page cover photo.

for those of you who may not already know...there is a great little Photo editor over here its so simple to use and is free!

  Ok so I will just jump right in and try to explain ( as I am no computer whizz I do hope you can understand my recipe for this one ;))..

Here is how I did it :))

Ok.... once you are in Pikmonkey there are 2 buttons on the left hand side, Click on create a collage....
A photo box will appear.. over on the left hand side are 3 smaller buttons, a landscape mountain, a collage box and a paint tray..... click on the middle one, the collage box.
Now you will see to the left Layouts to make a face book banner for your timeline click on FB. ( if making a blog banner any other one ;)
under the FB button 4 long grey boxes will come up, click on one of these .... now its time to add your lovely photos.. go back over to the left buttons and click on the landscape mountain one. this will bring up an option to upload photos or use samples.....
The Up load photos will take you to your computer pictures.... ( I made a separate folder up, in my pictures before hand,, just a few photos I wanted to use, this makes it a little easier when you get to this part to find and place the photos you want to show case ).
ok now the fun part.. Just keep pressing on up load photo until you have a few loaded that you want to use..
click and hold on a photo then drag it to the box you would like it in, you can move them around by holding and dragging,,
If you want the boxes re sized scroll your cursor over the boxes and a line will appear grab this and move side to side or up and down.. go on its fun ;))
Once you are happy with the placement of your photos , click on the paint tray , this will open a background edit box.. you can make the boarder thinner, or round off the corners and even change the colour of the boarder....
Play around with it until your happy,, then its as simple as save...
If you are having trouble saving it as I did,, then right click on it and "save picture as".....

and your done.... Let me know how you went,, I'd love to see.....
I hope this little tutorial has helped make for a fun and easy use of pikmonkey...
alrighty then... I'm off to play around and make up some more collages...
Have great day.....

Until next adventure
take care
xx Kris xx


  1. Hello Kris! I found you through Instagram and thought I would visit your blog. Lovely blog with beautiful creations. It was great to read more about you :) Good luck with Candy Rose Creations !

    1. Hello dear friend, thank you so much for your kind words.I have seen your beautiful feed on instagram and am going to pop over to your blog now, ( I love cross stitch :),,
      Have a lovely day