Saturday, November 10, 2012

On the verandah of this shabby old cottage.

 Hope your doing well,
 I thought I would pop in and share some white painted furniture love and a few rain drops..

Yes :) it started to rain yesterday, so excited,, its something we have not seen in a few months now,, and it is still tinkering away on the tin roof as I type,.....

I had been feeling a little Blah on the home front.... You know that feeling after winter!!. I felt sluggish and,, well,, just plain old lazy..

We have been full on over the last few months , with road trips here and there and lots of lovely visitors,,,, But with that all over for a while,,,I was feeling lost! ( this empty nester thing is taking me a while to get used to)

And then with the heat of our Queensland summer coming on,and everything being so dry.. the cottage was feeling a bit musty, dusty and closed in....

"If you don't like something change it; If you can't change it, change the way you think about it ~ Mary Engelbreit.

 That's it. Oh yes..

 I needed a change in this old cottage, a bit of a freshen up, after all change is as good as a holiday , right?,,, Sooo I thought ,why not make this shabby old cottage become what I would want in a  holiday home...
Change things around, mix it up a little... splash a bit of paint around , open up the windows and doors and let the sun shine in.....
And so it began... It only takes small changes to make a big difference.. like the scrolly shelf brackets we changed Here .

And now an old timber out door setting...

Sturdy and functional, but a little tired,,,,,,
a light sanding and a slap of white paint... gives her a new lease of life...

Moving things around gives a feeling of "New".
 We tend to spend a lot more time out on the front verandah.
I pulled together a few cushions , potted plants and candle lanterns I had scattered around the cottage, and for a small cost we have a fresh new place to relax and take in the view....

For a few more change it up ideas pop over to the beautiful
 Lovely Rachael has some make do and style ideas you will love...

Thanks for the chat :)
I am off to the market to buy some potted herbs and a few vegetables to plant.
 I have loads more shape shifting to be done in this shabby old cottage,,, I am sure to share.

Hope all is well in your world.

Until next adventure
Take care
x Kris x