Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Quick catch up.

Hope your having a wonderful day :)
We have been busy at the cottage over the Christmas break ,, with family and friends visiting,, in between visitors here we have been road tripping to the coast to catch up with family :)

We are so very blessed to live in the country and have wonderful farming neighbours,,, the community out here is amazing..... we received a lovely gift of a fresh cut lamb,, This along with some home grown vegetables, Rosemary and garlic,, made for the perfect evening meal :)
while that was cooking I snuck out for a little relax time and sipped on some pink lemonade...

With the heat our little girl has developed a hot spot on her head that she keeps scratching, so needed to wear this cone for a while... She seems happy enough and her head has stopped bleeding so that's made us all happy ...
With the craziness of the cottage lately there has been no work done on the caravan or the cupboard,,so nothing to report there as yet.. our plans for today are to play around in the van :)
On that note I am off to get started  (I will let you know how we got on......)
Until next adventure
Take care


  1. Kris- It is always such fun to read your posts and dream a little dream of living in the country and off the land. I love how you embrace your life and enjoy the moments big and small. Happy New Year to you- xo Diana

  2. Sounds like you've had a lovely week ! Looking forward to seeing your caravan updates . ��������

  3. Ps happy last weekend of 2012. !

  4. Hi Kris....glad once again you're back and all is well.....what I would give for a glass of pink lemonade....ah refreshing....once bubs born I will relish you're having a good weekend so far talk soon...xo

  5. Hi Kris this is your IG pal Heather from England, I am back into blogging now and am going to enjoy reading your tales! x