Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Caravan project, 1980 Franklin Roadstar reno!

Oh yes , here we go again..... Another Caravan revamp, although this one is a lot worse off than the last caravan we done up. ( you can see our last caravan reno" Bo Jangles" HERE and HERE)

This old girl is an 80's van in desperate need of some TLC.... Her name shall be "Ember Rose" ( From the embers she will be rising  ;) I thought I would pop in and show you the before shots......

Lots of water damage, broken windows,no appliances and just plain old dark and dingy! ( this is going to take us a while!!!!)
Pip and Tiara had a good look around, I think they are going to be great helpers on this project :), they have already started taking of the wall linings....
Her bones seem good, a great layout ( very much like our last Van ;),, it will be out with the old and in with the new..... The walls and ceiling will have to be replaced,,,, that's after we make sure she is water proof....
So this is what we will be up to for the next couple of months,,, or longer lol.....I will be documenting our progress in this little blog :)
There will be lots of timber and white paint flying around,, stay tuned on this one and see what we come up with.....
Another little project arrived via Santa in his out back Rusty Holden Ute ;)).... I have grand plans for this old girl...
I can see a few wire screen doors, a couple of new draws, chalk board door down the middle and a splash of white paint ;)) can you see it??...
Well then we better get started......
And in between all of that I shall be having a little relax time out here on this....
and maybe sipping a little something out of these :)
Until next adventure
Take care


  1. OH! That is a big project! I can't wait to see the old girl come to life- xo Diana

    1. Thank you Diana :) I have so many plans for her xx

  2. Hi Kris...that's going to be a big project, will you put appliances in?? I'm sure it will look fabulous when it's done and I'm looking forward to seeing the progressive photos and reports....xo

  3. Hi Michelle, Yes we are looking around for some second hand appliances, Hope to get a gas/electric fridge and a gas stove.. We do have a little electric stove if we can not find a gas one... I will be posting lots of photos on progress ( if my internet keeps working ;) xx

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