Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wet weather and Hope!

Hello again :),,,, Well its been a crazy couple of weeks here at the cottage. We have had family visiting and long Hot days......... (family all gone home and weather has changed)

The last couple of days we have had massive storms, lots of crazy wind and rain rain and more rain...
Our drying dam became full over night.....
The grass got greener and the dams started merging into one big lake, the wild wind blew rain in through the cottage walls and in under the tin roof to make a drip dropping puddling mess on the bathroom floor. ( Well it did have a bucket under it but our cat loves playing in buckets) .......
It was a wet and wild crazy weekend.....
As scary as it was I am so grateful we are with the lucky ones, only being cut of from town for the weekend due to rising flood waters over roads.(My heart goes out to those who have lost everything in these floods).......

 With severe weather warnings and reports coming over the radio to stay at home (if you are high and dry), I thought I would get my craft on ,, I kept my mind occupied by trying my hand at making a pattern for a rag doll,,,,
I was a little pleased at the result :)

 I started by drawing a body and head shape, legs and arms onto coffee stained calico, I doubled the calico over and pinned together, sewing along the pencil line.. ( I was a little worried about sewing such small pieces together so opted to do sew first and cut later ;)....
I then cut out the pieces, turned and stuffed......
With her all stuffed and sewn together I placed her back down on some rose fabric and traced a dress shape around her, sewed that together, added some vintage lace to the hem and cuffs and finished of with a button for a broach and ribbon for her waist band, wool for hair, ribbon for a head band, two little dots for eyes and a smudge of chalk for rosy cheeks :).... Her name is "Hope"........
I am thinking of adding some wings and painting some ballet flats on her feet..... will see what happens.....

Right now I am off to open up this shabby old cottage and let some air flow through, everything is so damp and getting a little stinky.. I have loads of washing to do , mopping floors and washing walls,, Cleaning up the yard of fallen branches and muddy chicken coops,,,, its still overcast but we are seeing little snippets of blue sky :)

I hope all is well in your world and you have a bright and sparkly day..
Thanks for popping by
Until next adventure
Take care


  1. It's difficult to image how horrible it must be for people to see their belongings go under water. For me it's difficult to imagine being cut off from everything for a weekend, like you were. At least everything came thorough ok.
    Your doll is lovely!

  2. Hi Kris, I'm so glad you're one of the lucky one's who are high and dry and haven't gone under with all the rain.....this weather is crazy....even over here summer took forever to start and now it's already ending, it really didn't last long at all though I'm sure we're still going to be in for a few hot days during the doll, she's very cute....take care and I'll be back asap with an update...xo

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