Saturday, February 9, 2013

Give it a spritz of white spray paint is what I say! ;)

Hello again, Hope all is well in your world xx

As always it doesn't take much for all in my world to be well :),
I have been dancing around spritzing things with spray paint ....
Today's is old jam jar lids.... Under coat, white gloss and "shabam" there you have it!
A sweet little jar with a bright and sparkly white lid...
I am using this one for chalk on my desk.
I will be doing more.... Oh yes I will... for my vintage button stash in the creation station
and for cotton balls and cotton buds in the bathroom
and for herbs and lollies and stuff in the kitchen ;)
Ooh could even make the laundry powder look good too ....big glass jar + white lid + white washing powder "kapow".... that's a tiny little laundry room makeover right there!!!! And by gosh I know my shabby little laundry is in need of a makeover ...

Talking about laundry's,, I have been making these great little peg aprons ..... No more bending down to get pegs, or chasing a peg bag around the washing line... Tie peg apron around waist or throw over shoulder ;) ...
(( Big plug...Yes....I have these peg aprons for sale on my face book page ;)

OK my lovelies on that note I am off to get my cloths in off the line ...
Happy Weekend
Until next adventure
Take care


  1. Oh Kris! You're living my dream life. How beautiful! What a gorgeous home. Love your blog. Am your latest follower. Thanks so much for finding me. I can live my cottage life vicariously through you now. LOL

    Anne xx

    1. Thank you so much for popping over Anne, your welcome to come out to Avondale cottage anytime!..... your blog is wonderful, I am so glad I found you :)..thank you for sharing x Kris x