Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Topsy Turvy,,,,Cottage & Crafting.

Hello, hope all is well in your world.

I have been doing a little of everything and a whole lot of nothing really.....
I did however drink frothy coffee in the dining room and making up a to do list..
I have been feeling a little lost and down,, so I was thinking a to do list will get me on the right track..
I can mark off what I have achieved for the day,, that usually makes me feel better...
it didn't go to plan....
I did get some things done though :)
Not on my to do list is a " found this fabric and had to make a little tote"
More time out thinking about what I should do next off my to do list,,, Cant have time out with out Tea, cookies and crochet ;)

a few of my vintage pillow slips now have crochet edges.... it was a must!!!
again, not on my to do list... sweet Rosy bunting and crochet doilies...
 High tea anyone??? I had some fun drilling holes into my old English china,,,, (definitely was not on my to do list!!)
I found more pillow slips and crochet doilies that did not want to be left in a dark draw any longer so another tote was made .....
Ever had one of those weeks? I am blaming it on the weather ;)
For now it is time to sit and read up on having a relaxed home,,, this cottage + my mood = Topsy Turvy at the minute,,,,, Somethings gotta change.....
Thank you so much for popping in...
I shall be back when I pull myself together....
Until next adventure
Take care


  1. Hi Birdie
    I will be up there tomorrow ,so we can sort each other out :)
    see you soon ,,
    Love you Mammie xox

  2. By the way,,did I tell you how much I am looking forward to coming to see you and spending time at Avondale Cottage ,,
    I know we text & Talk on the phone but its not the same as being there with you,,
    lol I am even going to fly :/,,I'm so scared but I am going to do it :-)
    anyways I am all packed and ready to come, so see you tomorrow ,
    miss you ,love you Mammie
    Rof Sends his Love to xoxoxo

    1. Thank you do much sis, I know it's a scary thing for you to fly but I will have a calming cuppa ready at the cottage ;) love you see you soon xxx

  3. Think it's def something to do with the weather ! Hate those procrastinating feelings too. But you have inspired me ~to write a list at least . Take care hon xx

    1. Thank so much Daniele x the sun is out and it's a little windy so hopefully blowing my off mood away :) , happy list writing lovely x

  4. Ahhhhh! *deep sigh* I just love everything! (Can I come and live at your place? I'll help you write your lists. LOL) I've been having a down week too. Its surprising how sitting at the table with a cup of tea can make things seem a little better. Hell. I even did a magazine crossword today with a cuppa. Its got to be about 100 years since I did a crossword. I was feeling on top of the world after it. Hope things pick up for you too Kris.

    Anne xx

    1. Your more than welcome anytime Anne :) . Oh yes a good crossword doing is great for the soul, cheers to uplifting moods x

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