Saturday, June 8, 2013

A new beginning!

Hello, (wow its been a while.)

Things here at Avondale cottage have been full on, I have been having some beauty Ups and Downs as life speeds by....

I am going to start taking things a little slower and savour every moment :) and I hope to share my journey and keep all up to date on our Little life at Avondale Cottage xx

I will keep this post short n sweet and catch you up to date on some happenings ;)

 """There have been some wonderful events I have been itching to share :)"""

First of all I would like to introduce our new little grandbaby.......

                                                                          " Mila"

Proud Nanny and Poppy having snuggles with our little princess....

 The next exciting tid bit is.... I have a lovely shop I stock with my creations ,, I need to get more confidence in my wears and get them out there... So far so good and the beautiful ladies who own the shop are keeping me inspired to keep on keeping on....

The next bit of news could be a bit shocking to some... It is not something I was proud of , but here goes.... "I quit smoking"... Yes, I , Did!!!!..... Now I am not expecting a tickateck parade as I know its not something I should have even started in the first place... But,, I am so darn proud of myself for making the leap and beating this horrible drug.. (and yes I will call it that,,, a drug!!) ,  I feel like I am fighting the biggest battle of my life thus far... My Name is Kris and I am 8 days strong at being a non smoker..
Well with that said and off my chest and a deep gulping breath of fresh air let out of my lungs ,I feel a great weight lifted off..... Thanks for listening xx

So there you have it,,," A New Beginning"... For our dear baby Mila a new little life beginning,  for Hubby and I a new lifestyle beginning.....
Living the good life and breathing in the fresh air :) how exciting is that xx
Until next adventure
Take care


  1. congratulations nanny Kris and Poppy Jim on the birth of beautiful Mila xox,,
    congratulations to you Kris for betting the beast tobacco ,we are so proud of you,,
    keep creating,
    love you Mammie and Rof xox

  2. Kris-What a wonderful post. Congrats on not smoking. My hubby battled it off and on for years and has finally succeeded. It is not easy but it is so worth the battle. Hang in there. Your precious, sweet little Mila is just beautiful. There is nothing in the world like being a grandparent. I love visiting you and the simplicity of your surroundings/land/cottage/life. You have your priorities in order and that is the best thing in life- xo Diana

    1. Thank you so much Diana xx I am loving every minute of the new baby smells :).. I am loving reading your blog and seeing what sweet cheeks and sisters are up to.. Oh my the cookie co is just wonderful xx Kris

  3. Oh she is just gorgeous -look at those beautiful eyes. !! Hope mum and bub are keeping well! So glad you can kick the habit -I know first hand it ain't easy ~but you're a strong woman . You can accomplish anything! Hope you're not getting soaked as well -what a miserable day again . Hope you're enjoying it whatever you do !!
    Daniele x x

  4. Thanks sweet Daniele x Its great to have so much awesome support from people that know it can be beaten xx ha Getting very wet, giving the old gumboots a good work out and oh so good for the plants and filling the tank.. I have been snuggled up in the cottage doing a spot of crochet.. (you'd think I would be a great at it by now lol,,it is slowly sinking in ;)xxxxx Kris

  5. Hey Sis .. great to see you back on here with your creative posts ...
    congrats to you and jim, and mum and dad on the birth of little precious Mila..
    congrats to you too on joining us free breathers ... keep it up ..