Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Going back to basics at Avondale cottage.

Hello ,, Hope you are well x

I thought I would pop in and share my favourite saying of the week  "Bread and water can so easily be turned into tea and toast".....

Living the simple life, getting back to basics, learning to be frugal, reduce , reuse, recycle,,, These are things that have become an every day part of our little life here at Avondale cottage,,, and to tell the truth we are loving every part of this " every day learning" adventure...
This good old Reader's Digest book has seen us through some tough spots and I'm sure the pages will get flicked through and studied many more times to come....

This past week at the cottage has seen the turning of soil and some winter veg planted,, all ready for some mulch.. Hubby has been tending his worm farm and they are giving us a lovely worm poop tea the plants are loving :)....
I have finally given away with my fear of making scones and have tried my hand at them.... very rustic .... I will be making lots more of this recipe, although I do need to work on my presentation the scone itself was very light and fluffy, (not like my other attempt hard as a rock).... although I do love making a rock cake or dozen ....
The kitchen garden is springing back to life with herbs of all sorts, I love picking these and having a jar full on the kitchen window sill :) the smell is lovely and the taste ahhh ;) nothing better than fresh herbs plonked in all sorts of meals....
Fresh farmers market produce is a blessing until our garden starts to bloom again,
this old cook book is my all time favourite go to for winter menu planning....
an old shed shelf next to the stove holds our most used kitchen ware and a set of old draws our dried herbs and spices
On the weekend we went to a large car swap and market day ,very exciting, we picked up a lemon tree and an avocado tree for a song and met up with some lovely friends for a cuppa and chat...
So excited to see the sweetest pink bud on the lemon tree today :)
We have had some trouble with foxes in the chicken coop (in the middle of the day) we think they waited until we went out... sad to say we lost a couple of hens :(.... but hopefully we have deterred them pesky foxes from getting any more....When finished the chicken run will have wire around the sides and a shade mesh on top. We will then lock them up when we are out.
(but I do love to have them free range when we are home.)
I have been spending a few moments.. turns into hours :) crocheting.. ( when I get that little lost feeling..12th day a non smoker today,, yippee I'm loving it :))
So there you have it... the happenings at Avondale Cottage.. as you can see we are happier than a little tin pig in lavender ;-)
Until next adventure
Take care

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  1. Hi Little Sis ,,
    your cottage and garden are looking wonderful xox,so proud of you for becoming a non smoker :-)
    hope you have plenty more wonderful happy days ,,
    with love and best wishes always xox
    Mammie and Rof xoxoxoxox