Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Every day is a good day x

Hello again :)
With our back to basics life style comes back to basic internet, I have been hanging to get on and catch you all up on the bouse life :)) I have my cuppa ,,,do you???  here we go,,just a few photos
We have all been busy bee's here at Avondale cottage......
The veg patch is coming along well, I have been practicing my cooking :) , we have been loving all the fresh produce from our garden and local road side stalls, we have some sheep in the house paddock helping with the lawn cutting :) Ooh and having lambs... this one is Littlee with her baby girl Frankie
they are so so helpful , this is Dawn telling me she would be more than willing to help me weed the garden xxx
The chickens have been keeping us well stocked with eggs in many shapes. colours and sizes

the kitchen table is always overflowing with farm fresh goodness...
chores are done in granny pinnies and socks with ballet flats added for dancing :)

I have been sewing up some season change pinnie dresses,, I have found myself wearing tights al lot of late and felt I needed a little over dress , I am still tweaking this pattern but am loving the comfort of this design :)

I have been lucky enough to go on lots of nanny visits with our gran baby Mila... we have many rock a by baby moments, I am soaking them all in that's for sure  ;)
on the way home we pick up these two lil munchkins and have wonderful fun filled weekends of tent playing and crochet doing and tea parties.. boy do I miss them when they go home xx
Then its back into chores and cleaning and dusting and de cluttering from the cold cottage winter we have had...
It is starting to warm up lovely so hope to get out and about in our little ( wanna be kombi ;)... camper van we are doing up.....
I do hope your week has been a bright and sparkly one oxo

Until next adventure
Take care

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  1. Kris- I always read your posts with a bit of envy at how warm and lovely your life seems. I love that you have grandchildren to spoil and that can enjoy the bounty of your wonderful country life. You are coming on Spring and Fall is soon upon us here- Blessings- I love your pictures and posts- xo Diana