Saturday, August 31, 2013

Getting ready for sunshiny spring.


hasn't the year gone fast .... already spring here in the beautiful land of Oz :).
Just dropped in to share what we have been up to this week ......

Spring is for me ....Time to throw off the layers of clothes and quilts
Time to finish up with the winter crochet and get those Lily white legs out into the sunshine ..
It is becoming sandal weather and I am loving the bright happy yellow of my saltwater sandals.
The radio is pumping and I am getting down and dirty with some much needed spring cleaning in this shabby old cottage
Lots of tea and coffee breaks of course :)   pouring over the pages of my fave magazines
flicking through my lovely books dreaming of giving tired old linens a freshen up and a new lease on life
cleaning out bursting cupboards and de cluttering rooms.... Hubby is making me a meat safe style cupboard to go in the corner of this room ( cause we all need more cupboards ;)
Furniture is getting a scrubbing and airing then finding new spots to sit...
Hubby and I have been getting out on weekend drives, visiting local markets and finding sweet little cafes

I have been spending a lot of time here  ( now I have a new keyboard for my old lap top.. to many coffees for this old girl has made for sticky and missing letters)..
I have been sorting photos and backing up files for fear of one day this sweet old lap top will be blacked out forever...
and we have just been pottering around shaking off the winter blues and getting our sunshiny mellow yellow spring on ......
well my lovelies I do hope you have a spring in your step no matter what season your in ;),,,,thanks for stopping by, I will be back with an update on my spring cleaning and hubbies meat safe style cupboard making ....
 Love and light to ya from this shabby old cottage
Until next adventure
Take care


  1. Kris, What a wonderful bit of Spring you show us. I have those same shoes (with the string "tie" on them) in black. They are super comfortable.
    We are cleaning for the opposite reason-starting to get ready for Fall and being penned inside for days at a time. I am NOT ready for winter yet-but it will be here before I know it. Blessings to you- enjoy your weekend. xo Diana

    1. hi Diana thanks so much for popping in x I have the shoes in black to ,,ooh yes oh so comfy . Hope your staying snuggly x Kris

  2. Just curious, what happened to your latest Caravan project?? Do we get a peek?;)
    I enjoy your blog so much- thanks for sharing...
    Pacific Northwest, USA

    1. hi Arlena, thank you for stopping by , the caravan project has had a little break as we did up a little camper van for short trips . Hope to be back onto the caravan project soon and will be sure to share :) Kris

  3. It almost feels like we have skipped spring in my neck of the woods. But I'm sure there will be a few cool days again soon just to keep us guessing.
    You have such a sweet blog Kris.

  4. Hello Tracy , thank you so much , I love grabbing a cuppa and having a read of your lovely blog . We have had a couple of days in the 30,s so very much feeling like summer , today was a lot cooler and we have clouds :) looks like rain ! Hope you have a lovely weekend . Kris