Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Oh what a pickle!!!

Hello again x

With the abundance of beetroot we have growing in the garden at the moment I thought I would try my hand at pickling some ....
I found this awesomely easy recipe and set to work,, all excited I was, I had all the ingredients in the pantry....
 Off I went, Apron securely tied around my waist and socks pulled up..... I cooked the beetroot and mixed and boiled all the other ingredients together.

I boiled a jar, popped the cooled, cooked , cut up beets in and poured the boiling liquid over it :) Yay that was easy, I have just pickled my very first lot of home grown fresh beet roots :)
I even ran out to tell Olive and Sunday roast about it,, Ooh they seemed just as excited as I was.....
I came back into the cottage to clean up,, light on my feet and dancing around in my ballet flats :)

 But then... Oh yes we have a "But then" .......

as I picked things up to put away.. MMMM.. I cant remember the recipe calling for curry powder... I re-read the recipe and it was mustard powder I was suppose to be boiling in with my apple cider vinegar and sugar :0....

(Now in my defence the curry powder and mustard powder in this old cottage pantry is in similar little containers.. just so happens I didn't even have mustard powder here at all .. :(

Oh well,,, there are no mistakes only unique creations Right!!!... well I'll be sticking to that for the next couple of days until its ready for the almighty taste testing ......

With my pickling apron hung up for the day and a little defeated pout on my face ,, my always bright and sparkly inner child beamed back at me and I thought to myself :)....  I could have just stumbled upon a new delicacy  (or... Not.. might just have to bin it ;)
I will be sure to pop in and let you know....

Until next adventure
Take care


  1. Oh My, Kris! I am laughing my butt off here. It will be interesting to see how those beets taste...maybe like you should be in India eating them? LOL
    One time I decided to make riced potatoes for John's (upper class snobby grandmother) and so I could not find the ricer anywhere. I ended up doing them (with her holding court there) by putting them through a Snoopy Sno Cone maker...and to make matters worse-after all that work they tasted like crap! lol Hopefully, YOURS will be a much better experience. xo Diana

    1. ooh Diana, wow I am just amazed you used the snoopy sno cone maker :) how ingenious of you xx love it... I hope the beet root taste good too ;) im a little scared so havent tried it yet haha.. will let you know for sure though Kris