Friday, September 13, 2013

Counting sheep and Dreaming

Howdy ,, Its me again :)

 We  had a couple of births at the cottage last week... Dawn had a little boy we called Charlie,

And I was lucky enough to witness the birth of Sunday Roasts little man we called Zorro
It was an amazing experience seeing this little fellow being born , although it bought me to tears as I didn't like seeing her go through so much pain and couldn't help her . she did such an amazing job and I am in awe of how truly wonderful these creatures are and how nature works .. she got up licked him clean and pushed him up to walk, he fumbled around a little and then straight to her teet for his first drink. all within an hour of her first signs of going into labour..
So now we have the 4 ewes and 3 lambs :) one more to go.. Olive isn't showing any signs of giving us the bub any time soon ( mmm maybe we just feed her to much and she isn't in lamb at all ,, is that what you call it? ... haha I'm such a good sheep farmer ;)

Hubby got around to making me that meat safe hutch thingy,, it got to this stage and I opted out on the door being put on.( it has a wire mesh in the sides)
She is in her spot and filled to the brim with plates, table cloths and cook books... it might get a door in the future but for now I like to look at my .. I shall call it my beautiful mess ....
Soo with all that done and dusted we decided we needed a little time out at our friends place in the Darling Downs.. we packed up our little wannabe kombi camper  GG (Gypsy Girl)
The dogs seen us packing and jumped right in :) Tiara is such a Hip Chic Gypsy and loves to be on the road and camping...
We arrived ( 4 hour drive with a few pit stops ) Pip and Tiara jumped straight out to play with their bestest friends Champ and Mj,, rolling in the dirt , sussing out the sheep , chicken and peacocks then just hanging out sunning themselves ( trust me to have white dogs lol )
Our friends have bought a 100ac property and are living on a motor home until they build, I love how free and friendly their animals are.
I sat here a lot dreaming of doing this ourselves one day :) actually owning something again and building it up to be our dream property,,, Sooo we are saving and doing up our bus to sell and One day we will...
It might just look like this in the beginning but the possibility's are endless,,, I am dreaming of a little cottage with our sheep and chickens running around,, veggie garden and herb plot... on power or solar power and gas,, large tanks for our fresh water and a dam for the animals....  back to basics, living like we are now But we would be paying it to own ,,,  That's all ;)

Until next adventure
take care

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  1. Hi Kris
    Your new babies are so cute xox
    Rea's place looks great ,,
    I am sure you will be living your dream soon xox

    Love to you Mammie