Monday, September 23, 2013

Sharing an easy Date and maple syrup loaf cake recipe

Hello ,,, Hope this little post finds you all well and happy x

I was a lucky lil duck the other day,, Hubby bought me a new mixer ( mmm its not the dreamy kitchenaid I have been lusting after BUT beggars can not be choosers right :)
anyways It got me all excited to bake again so I went through the pantry to see what I had on hand..... I found a hand full of dates and a drizzle of maple syrup that sound like a lovely combo,, so I typed that into the wonderful world of google and it came up with lots of delish looking recipes but one stuck out ... it has weetbix in it and ...well.. I always have plenty of that breakfast cereal on hand ..So I tried it and it turned out so yummy I thought I would share ,, I have tweaked the recipe a little as the sound of dates and maple syrup together got me drooling :)

Recipe I used is here

I left out the sugar and replaced with 3 heaped tablespoons of brown sugar and 3 table spoons of maple syrup when soaking the weetbix...

Oh... haha and its mixed with a wooden spoon ,, so I didn't get to use my new mixer,,,, not to worry plenty of time for that to get a work out later though
I cooked it on 180 for 45 mins and it came out lovely and moist

But as I do I slathered it in butter when still warm :)
I sat here enjoying the fact that I have my cake and eating it too ;) ,, it went down so well
I went back for a second slice ;)
Ok my lovelies that's it from me and Co at this shabby old cottage for now.

Until next adventure
take care

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