Sunday, October 13, 2013

)h Yes, another caravan project Reno! Part one.

 Hello again , Yes ,, you read it right lol Another caravan reno project...... I shall start at the beginning  ;)....

Rightyo then , remember this old girl we picked up, with dreams of hitting the road glamping ? Yep well....... she was to far gone for us to tackle alone . It would have been a big and expensive job to just get her road worthy let alone glamp worthy ... So she is now sitting in our yard waiting for a little no go on the road renovation, guest room maybe or a craft room or even end up being storage,,, for now she is just hanging out at Avondale cottage waiting.... We shall get back to her ONE day .......

Onto the next road tripping glamping fix and we had the Van Gypsy Girl... as much fun as we had doing her up and hitting the road in her, we discovered very fast that she was not for us... we would set up and then just have to pack it all up to drive around sight seeing...... so this one was sold over the weekend ( the joys of Ebay ;))

 And this one was bought :) yay A win win bargain ...... she is a 1975 chesney Kampa pop up.....

Little bit rough around the edges but that's how we like them haha
It is easy and light towing , another bonus
inside was a bit grubby but has all the bits and bobs in place to glam her up
I couldn't wait to get her up as I hadn't even seen photos of the inside of her,,, she has a sink.....
Ok now I have a little tip for those who, like us, buy a camper trailer with no idea on how to open it.. its a good story lol ...So it took us a good half a day pulling and pushing and squishing fingers , swearing and a close shave with hubbies axe :0 before we worked out you need to pull the bed ends up a little to get over a bit of a ledge thing ( I guess this is a lock ) before you can slide out the beds the rest of the way and every thing pops up nicely .... ( I am thinking of doing a little how to post on this subject as I googled when trying to get ours up and there is no help out there,,, Or is it just us that needs help :))

 In we go Pip ,,,  we knew it didn't have a fridge or stove top ,, that's ok we have all this from our other campers... Just needs a good scrub and new doors on the cupboards.
Sweet Little table and chairs fold down to a single bed and there is single beds that pop out each end plus a nice little lounge area lol plenty of places to hang out
We have her up and airing, I have scrubbed the sink and cupboards,( these ones are all the before photos ).. Hubby will make new doors for the cupboards , there are a few places on the canvas we need to mend and also in the corners of the fibreglass top :) we have been out today grabbing a fibreglass repair kit and will get the canvas repair kit in the next couple of days...... then its just a matter of a splash of paint and a glamping we will go ... um well yes that's after we buy a Tow car ..... ( Hubbies car is to small and I sold my Van lol )
I will be sure to pop in and let you know how we go , this one has got us very excited and motivated.
Hanging out for the fun packing the camper part.
I'll be back with up dates soon :)

Until next adventure
Take care

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