Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Glamper.....

Hello there...

Ooh Yes indeedy I am one Happy camper Glamper......

We all know a touch of Glamour added to Camping = Glamping .. right??

MMMM well my glamour is all about adding bits of colour and sparkle and bunting and crochet rugs and roses and ruffles and well just fun comfy stuff from my every day.....
Last week we took our tent on a two day Glamping trip to our friends property,, Soooo, I made a bedding bag to keep all quilts, pillows and crochet rugs compact and easy to carry from car to tent,, clothes pegs got a little zip pouch of their own, hand towels had a little make over with appliqué vintage caravans,, bunting was pulled down and packed excitedly :)
Kettle, enamel ware and gas cooker, air mattress and fairy lights :) all packed neatly into bags and baskets.....
with car packed ever so carefully.
((Hubby had a few moments of raised eye brows with what was getting packed,,Its only a few days Camping!!! but I assured him it was all necessary for "his" comfort ;))

Four hours later we arrived,,, After big welcoming hello's we helped feed the sheep and had a tour of the new fencing around the 100 acres on the tractor.....

back at base we looked for a suitable place to set up camp...
Its so dry out there at the moment, I do hope they get rain soon......
our friends live on a bus converted to a motor home on their property and are off the grid, the bus is solar powered and has a large water tank on board.... But this is the shower ;) how wonderful is that,, talk about getting back to basics and living with nature.... Perfectly perfect Glamping shower
Anyways off I went to find a spot to set up my very own home away from home... I collected peacock feathers along the way ( Romeo the peacock is malting so No I didn't pluck them from him ;)

Here we are .. Tent all set up ... kettle on and cuppas made :)
We had a wonderful few days ,A few little glitches that made me remember why I wasn't the best Tent camper..., the air mattress didn't stay up ,bending down unzipping and zipping the tent , crawling into bed.... well yea I hear you saying that's the fun of tent camping but mmmmm

OOh I then got a little spoiled on the no go tent camping..

As soon as we got home I had a shower scrubbed up and went for a sleep over at my friends just up the road ( for her birthday).. we had cheesy fondue with char grilled veg, and the creamiest chocolate cheese cake YUM ... I got to sleep in her beautifully restored vintage caravan , OOH the bliss...
So you know what... you know what I am thinking...... I Love the pop up camper.... Its a tent in a caravan haha best of both worlds dont ya think ;) well that's what I'm telling Hubby anyways..
That did create More from him of the eye brow raising ,,, But he has put her up again and greased and oiled the springs ,, he has fixed cupboards and painted her inside and even laid new carpet.....
All while saying he is doing it to sell,,,, but secretly I think he is falling in love with this old shabby glamper Kampa as much as I am :)
Like I said to him.... think about it, it takes a good hour if not more to set up camp with a tent and all that walking and bending to get a tent up and all the gear out of the car and , well you know the list goes on. and I am only thinking about his back pain!!... BUT,,,, It takes only 15 minutes at the most of pulling and pushing and shoving and the camper is up and ready to Glamp in .... no bending down to pull zips, no crawling to get into bed!!! ,,
I think the case is pretty much closed and we will be keeping the sweet 1975 Chesney Pop Up Kampa .. for a little while at least xx

Well that's all from me for now
I will pop in with up dates on the Glamping soon

Until next adventure
Take care


  1. Oh, Kris- I am so glad you are going to keep your "baby" and be able to use it. Your friends' place sounds like they have made a choice that is just right for off the land and staying connected to the Earth. Love it- love your posts. xo Diana ps. WE have a new baby girl at our house!!!!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time ,I would love to do up a vintage van ,you have the knack of making it look so gorgeous and fun xo

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