Thursday, March 6, 2014

Loving the farm life......

Hi,,,, welcome to Avondale cottage ,, come on in, I'll pop the kettle on.....

One of my favourite places to sit for a morning cuppa  (or any chance I get)  is out here in the yard.
I bring down my note pad and start on my list of to do's...... and just sit and reflect the days been and the days to come....

we have been trying to get down the coast to see the kids once a week, but if not definitely once a fortnight.
we take down our excess herbs, veg and eggs
My little herb garden is giving us plenty of flavours to add to our meals and the kids are loving the fresh herb supply each month..
Poppies Veg garden is growing wonders.... its so good to be able to share its produce ...
This lil monkey is loving the veggies poppy brings her and mumma is loving being able to cook her up foods knowing its all safe and free of chemicals ..
We have been a little short off eggs over the last few months and hope this scare crow will stop the crows from going into the pen and walking out with the eggs.... so far so good ;)
The chickens are free range most of the time.... they love rounding Pip up .....
well my lovelies, that's all i have for today.. thanks for stopping by,, I hope to be back soon with a recipe I have been playing with that uses eggs and herbs :).....

Stay Bright and sparkly xoxo
Until next adventure
Take care

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  1. Hi Kris
    so wish I was sitting having tea with you under your
    tree xx
    loving the bright sunny yellow you are wearing xox
    bye for now Mammie