Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Out with the old , in with the new ....

Hi..... I have been absent for a few months , absent in my mind and sometimes I have even felt more than a little absent in my own body... I don't know how else to explain it........

I have had a life changing experience happen to me personally, But I am starting to come out on top :) ...       ( truly it was for the best but will just take me some time to talk myself into that!!!)

Any ways I will not bore you with little details,All I will say is Its been a few months of Out with the old and in with the new :-D on a personal level and also on the home front .
(I have been sitting here all day thinking should I post this or shouldn't I ?) all I know is that I have missed chatting on here , if it gets read that's a bonus for me :)...
At the moment I just need the therapy and I thank my little bit of web space here that I can come , share some photos and have a little chat..
I have had many many hours and days convalescing and dreaming about a need to change more in our life here at the cottage .......
So here we go, the start of the New year celebration of life...
To start off I will share what I was lucky enough to get off my wonderful hubby for Christmas :) here she is ,, I call her Littly xx
I have had many opportunity's to just sit and crochet , drink tea and suck on chocolate ....
( I would like to share some of my little crochet creations and also the sewing creations I make as we go through the year)
also on the menu have been lots of smoothies and soft foods, ( I will most probably share some soft food recipes as I am trying to find exciting ones)
Onto this shabby old cottage, We have been culling our little collection of crappy old cars and campas... This old girl ( the pop up camper I was so excited about last year is ,, well not so much a pop up as a pull and shove and shake and pull some more and maybe it'll go UP camper) it is just to hard for us to pull up and down ( due to us both having back problems) so we are giving her the little reno and selling .... next caravan will be a newish one we can just hitch on the car and go.... a little over doing up the old for now ... ( maybe just for now lol)

Talking about the old ..we have also had a little shift around in the lounge room , we had old falling apart lounge and chairs ( ..... now we do love a little old and shabby here at the cottage but as "we get older" we are finding we also need it to be comfortable if we are to sit on it! )
 This lounge suite was beyond repair and I had to cover it up with blankets and sheets just to keep them we have invested in a good leather lounge.
Now here I had to come to an agreement with hubby and "he won" on the colour of the lounge... its a long long way from my beloved "Shabby chic", "New country", "Granny chic" look,,,,, but I am slowly starting to like the style and colour pops I have added..... and the lounge and swivel recliners in the leather are much much easier to keep clean and are so comfy ;)
Alrighty Then,,, its out there and here I am again ,, that's it for me for now ( and I will hit that post button, if I don't start now I will never get back into my delight of sharing what has been happening around here at Avondale Cottage )

Thanks for popping in
Until next adventure
take care


  1. Oh Kris- I am so happy to see a post from you here today. I was wondering what had happened to you and hoping you were okay. I am sorry you have hit some rough spots in your life. They say what doesn't kill us makes us stronger and I kind of hope that is true. I hope that you are well on the mend and that you come out of this even stronger than you were before.

    Your new car is darling. I love it! What a nice surprise! Your new lounge furniture is beautiful, too. I went with a med brown leather rather than something lighter and I really do like it.

    Good luck selling your pop up camper. I know you were looking forward to using it- but a newer-hitch and go one will be a whole lot easier. Blessings to you- SO glad to see a post from you- xo Diana

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Diana xx I am feeling stronger everyday :) ... I would have loved the med brown lounge too, but am getting used to the black :)....
      I love your blog and pop in every day for a catch up ...
      Kris ox

  2. Hello Kris ,it is lovely to see you back ,I have been absent from posting on my blog as well and understand how you have been feeling ,even though I havn't posted, I have been peeking in to see what's new with you and your cottage and I am glad to hear your ok :).Love the new car and the new lounge hope to more soon ..xo Mel

    1. Hi Mel, I had also been missing your posts and hoping all was well, so glad to see you back..
      I have so much to share haha Its just working out where to start .. :)
      Hope to catch you soon xo Kris