Monday, March 10, 2014

Recipe time ...Great for Brunch.... Hash brown/potato cake stack , with poached egg.....

Hello , hope your week has started off well xx

 Popping in from my kitchen tonight :) 

I have been playing with a recipe we (my four sisters and I) ate as children and still enjoy today..

 .... Not sure what to call them,,,,, Hash browns or potato cakes? anyways it doesn't matter what I call them they taste great, are quick and easy to make and best of all you will most probably have the ingredients in the pantry......

Ingredients...... ( makes 8 pancake size hash browns) 

*2 medium sized potatoes grated                      *1   Egg                      

*4 tbsp plain flour                                             *Fresh herbs ( you could also sprinkle in dried herbs)

*3 tbsp Milk                                                     *salt and pepper or allpurpose seasoning

Grate potato , mix in flour ,seasoning and herbs , beat in egg and milk, mix well.... drop a good size dollop into frying pan in hot oil or butter and cook until golden brown....
 ( the ones in this photo do not have the herbs in them) 
 flip onto plate, stack two or three ,, top with poached egg and a drizzle of ranch dressing or aoli mayo :) easy peazy brunch, its also yummy and a little bit fancy with a slice of salmon or bacon under the egg ... I Love to add fresh rosemary and garlic into the mix as well ...... 
 ( I actually had them for tea tonight , hence the dodgy photos ;) .... 
                                               enjoy xo

I'll be playing around crocheting for the rest of the night .......
Hope you have a good one xx
Thanks for popping in 
Until next adventure 
Take care 

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  1. Hi Birdie
    Your Potato cakes look so good,,I remember them from when we were young and I have made them for Rof and the boys over the years xox
    I love reading your blog , keeps me in touch and makes me feel even closer to you and your beautiful family xox
    love Mammie