Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A bit about Chicken soup and chunky crochet blankies ( I learnt to crochet Vstitch *yay*)

 Howdy ,,
Its been a drizzly kind of day here at the cottage, bits of patchy cloud, splashes of rain here and there,,,, But I did capture this beautiful rainbow this morning brightening it all up.....

The flue bug has attached itself to me of late and I just can't seem to shake it.
 Time to get with it and practice what I preach ;) "Get some good o'l Home made chicken and vegetable soup into you".
 as a child I remember going with my mother to help her cook and distribute Meals on Wheels, I loved visiting with the older people and seeing their smiles as we set about dishing up their meals or popping it in the fridge for later, then just staying a spell for a cuppa and chat... I remember a few Dear oldies , it was so exciting as a child listening to the stories being told over and over again and seeing beautiful smiles cross softened faces as memories come flooding back,, to watch twinkling eyes light up when we came to the door.
Sweet memories,,,,

Where was I???

Oh yes,,, chicken soup,,  their chicken and veg soup was delicious and I was allowed a bowl for helping, But not to big a bowl ( Mum used to say) as its for the old people to make them feel better ! .. But thats ok cause mum used to cook it for me to and it was just as delish xx
Anyways many years down the track when I started my own family and one of us was feeling poorly I rang and asked mum how to cook the meals on wheels chicken soup, she simply said :

Cover with water and boil up some chicken pieces with an onion, wash and soak some dry soup mix you know the sort with the split peas, barley and lentils , peel and chop up some good fresh veg, make sure you add diced turnip, parsnip and celery for the real flavours. once chicken is cooked remove chicken pieces from pot and strip meat from bone, throw meat back into pot with the veg and drained dry soup mix and boil for a bit,  then simmer until veg is tender.
(Yep thats pretty much how I wrote it down as mum told me over the phone ;)
 and thats it,, The bestest ever tasting ( I think so anyways) Simple , fresh home made chicken and veg soup.

Now as I sat Bowl full of chicken soup, reading through my favourite blogs I came across a post from a lovely blogger ( I also follow her on instagram and Facebook lol) anyways she has been making these most wonderful crochet baby blankets from a crochet stitch called Vstitch..
Well I had this ever so chunky wool I had no idea what I was going to do with until... well Thats it!!! so I stitched up this mega chunky blanket in a weekend ,,oh yes I did :)
(This is with a chunky wool and a size 7 hook)
I will share ;) So here is the ins and outs > you can find My dear friend Heather here at thepatchworkheartuk Her crochet is just beautiful,,,,,and as Heather said on her blog if you google Vstich crochet there are plenty of tutorials on how its done...
 If you can crochet *Yay Happy hooking* and if you haven't learnt yet ,, well what are you waiting for ;) this Vstitch is very easy , even if you only know the basics of crochet,, and it stitches up lovely and quick.... But be warned "It is addictive,, very very addictive"..

                       Here is a little Sneak Peek at the Vstitch knee rug I started yesterday, think I'll call her Vintage girl ;) . (This is with an 8ply acrylic wool and a size 3.5 hook)
Until next adventure
Take care


  1. Hi Kris
    I remember Mum taking us on her Meals on Wheels jobs and that chicken soup ,,and all the oldies and their stories ,,was a wonderful time hey xox
    thank you for helping me remember <3
    I love your newest crochet rug ,just like Grandma Brown use to make :-)
    hope you have a great day xox
    love you all at Avondale Cottage ,,
    From Mammie and all at Melrose Cottage

    1. HI mummie x I love and still have a crochet rug of grandma Browns I think that's why I love crochet so much :) the memories snuggled up with her under colourful crochet blankets..... Xoxox Birdie oxoxox

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