Thursday, July 10, 2014

A new friend named Flash

Hello From Avondale cottage where the bee's are busy and all smells of Lavender...
 (mm well that and chicken soup at the moment because as I write there is lovely big fresh home made pot of it bubbling away on the stove)

 I have some exciting news, see that cool in focus out focus lovely photo above,, well that is made wonderfully cool because I have a new awesome friend ,, I've named her Flash and she is a Canon 700D

I have been happily snapping ( I Just had to get a shot of her to show you so I used my iPhone .. I kinda really like this shot ;))

I have been Lusting and swooning over these cameras for a while but had to save save save and yay the saving paid off ( well,,,that and a wonderful Hubby and his sweet talking for deals to the sales guy ;)

There have been lots of accidental shots ,, some I find interesting enough to keep lol                                 

some I have tried hard to capture something flying somewhere ?? but instead ended up with a half cottage and a wonderful moon .... sometimes I think my best shots are random pot shots....

Here I was sitting on the lounge last night taking night shots and flicking through functions, the colours are coming out so clear. I knew I wanted needed this camera but wow she makes me excited with the functions on her ..

Pft Tiara giving me the "enough with the flashing " face lol ... Ok Ok I will put it away T ( for now) xxxx

I was up Bright and sparkly this morning to a chilly but beautiful sunrise... I didn't venture far from the cottage back door this time, But the weather man is saying we are getting more frost over night and I would so love to capture that :) I will be pulling on my boots in the morning to run around silly and click click click...

Still this morning was spectacular

It is such a lovely part of the day ,, the icy breeze on my face certainly woke me up and made me feel alive...

I am finding that no matter what I am doing I will pick up the camera to have a play , snap this or try to focus that ...( will that ever wear off?? I cant see it happening any-time soon)

OOH,,, I can get sort of good looking photos of what I'm cooking, you know for this lil blog and pinterest and instagram and well yeah just cause I can haha

I started practising today,,,, I made rock cakes .... ( not practising the cooking , no haha the photo taking ,,, although I prob could do with a bit of cooking practice!)

well Yes,, of course I had my Camera handy .....maybe now I will put more recipes up on here , with awesome blog worthy photos that make everything look so wonderful..... mmmmm maybe I need a bit more practice on the styling side of things ,,but I think I am getting there ;)

Pip photo bombed one of my shots last night ,, this is the end result after taking a photo on my phone, off the screen of my canon camera and then putting it through a few apps and filters lol ... but he is just so darn cute I couldn't help myself but share xxx
Well my lovelies xx I'm off to forever capture that wonderful thing that is life.....
Until next Adventure
Take Care

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  1. Hi Pip ,,you photo bomber haha missing you all ,, hope to see you soon
    love Mammie