Monday, July 21, 2014

Bed socks and cough drops.....

Hello, Hope you had a wonderful weekend x

Mine was full of bed socks and cough drops and lazy days of rest,, and crochet,, so it wasn't all bad ;)
I while ago I had my first attempt at crocheting socks, not the best attempt, my stitch count was all over the place, but I had fun learning and they are still wearable haha and warm.

I used a pattern I found on YouTube Here at Glama's if you would like to try :)

I made mine shorter and added a little edging...
I think I will be having another go at them for next winter . I am a slow learner of crochet so my project list had been very limited,, granny square blankets to be precise lol :)... but lately I have been a crazy crochet addict and getting a little more confident along the way,,  I have found some great tutorials and patterns on this here interweby so I'll be sharing as I find and complete a project...

I am feeling Much better on this beautiful monday, so I have made the bed and put the cough drops out of reach for now :) its amazing what a good rest and relax can do for you ...

while I'm on about crochet I had a go at these house slippers too,, again my stitch count is all wrong but they fit and kept the bottom of my feet warm as I have been shuffling around the cottage ;)
 You can find the pattern for them HERE at knotyournanascrochet ,,once again I changed it a little ( or didn't finish it all :) .. I opted for a colour granny square and not the extra heart on top :)...

I have since been out to spotlight and got myself some sweet little stitch markers so I'm all set to keep hooking in the round till my hearts content ....

I am that addicted to crochet that I have a special car blanket going :) its for my new lil car and I only do it in the car ( haha ,,, only when Jim's driving though,,,on the account that he says I do not have a passenger or back seat drivers licence so could I kindly not tell him how to drive lol) Lucky I don't get car sick and can get a lot of crochet done in the car
Yesterday the sun was shining so I moved my bedroom antics out onto the lawn, sorted my suit case full of the wool stash kind, found lots of unfinished crochet projects in there too,,, Ooh and finished off one of them,, a big round granny cover for my ugly ottoman :) tell ya about that later ....
Catch ya on the other side of the rainbow Lovelies
Until next adventure
Take care


  1. Hi Birdie ,,
    thank you for this post ,, I have been trying to crochet a rug for ages ,, you have motivated me to keep going :-)
    I may even get it finished this winter ,,
    I love reading your blog ,,I miss you and it is so good to be able to keep in touch with your stories :-D
    until next time Happy Hookin xoxo
    love Mammie

  2. It is also great to hear you are well again xoxox keep looking after yourself and Jimmy and all at Avondale cottage

    1. Hi Mammie xx thanks so much for popping in and leaving me a little message x hope you can get back into crochet :) that Vstitch I was telling you about is so quick to see grow, you'll have your rug done in no time xxxx
      Love Birdie xx

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